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Division of Facilities

University Addresses with Zip + 4 Codes

Buildings are listed alphabetically by building name.

The new format includes room number, building name and standard city street addresses. As an example, Kansas State University's new official address standard is:

Kansas State University
110 Anderson Hall
919 Mid-Campus Drive North
Manhattan, KS 66506-0110 

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 Not required for addressing
BUILDING NAMEBUILDING ADDRESSMAILING ADDRESS                       (If different from building address)ZIP + 4 BUILDING CODEBLDG #
Ackert Hall1717 Claflin Rd 66506‐4900 AK00136
AGRN - Ashland Unit 3 Office & Shop2850 W 32nd Ave 66502 AGAS00540
AGRN - Operations Center2213 Agronomy Farm Rd 66502 AGZ00516
AGRN - Rannells Headquarters845 Deep Creek Rd 66502 AGK00493
AGRN North Farm - Research Center2201 Agronomy Farm Rd 66502 AGAI00530
Ahearn Field House919 N Martin Luther King Jr Drive 66506‐0300 AFH00005
AMI ‐ Manufacturing Learning Center510 McCall Rd 66502 ENB00652
Anderson Hall919 Mid Campus Dr North 66506‐0100 A00001
ASI Beef Stocker Unit - Main Office4330 Marlatt Ave 66503  00482
ASI BCRC - Beef Nutrition Research Center3260 College Ave 66502 ASV00464
ASI Dairy - Main Office & Milk Parlor3161 Animal Science Rd 66502 ASA00157
ASI Farm Shop - Sargent Farm Trailer House2902 College Ave 66502 ASR00451D
ASI Farm Shop - Sargent Residence2900 College Ave 66502 ASP00445
ASI Horse - Research Center Barn & Office3115 College Ave 66502 ASW00465
ASI Poultry - Foreman Residence3088 Animal Science Rd 66502 ASJ00315
ASI Poultry - Main Office3058 Animal Science Rd 66502 ASB00300
ASI Purebred Beef - Cedar Creek Ranch Residence7755 Hwy 13 66502 PBC01002
ASI Purebred Beef ‐ Headquarters & Calving Center2230 Denison Ave 66502 PBH00484
ASI Sheep & Meat Goat Facility - Main Office1814 Agriculture Rd 66502 SGF00471
ASI Swine Unit - Main Office2146 Livestock Units Rd 66502 AST00462
Beach Art Museum701 Beach Ln 66506‐0600 BAM00175
Berney Family Welcome Center705 N Martin Luther King Jr Drive 66506‐3100 BWC00104
Bill Snyder Family Stadium2201 Kimball Ave 66502 KFS00134
Bluemont Hall1114 Mid Campus Dr North 66506‐5300 BH00158
Boyd Hall1306 Petticoat Ln 66506‐2400 BD00083
Bramlage Coliseum1800 College Ave 66502 BC00164
Brandeberry Indoor Complex1800C College Ave 66502 BR00162
Breidenthal Boathouse - Women's Rowing Facility7560 Spillway Marina Rd 66502 WR00396
Burt Hall1220 N. Martin Luther King Jr Drive 66506‐0400 BT00009
Bushnell Annex1613 Claflin Rd 66506 BUX00008
Bushnell Hall1615 Claflin Rd 66506‐0402 BU00010
Business College Building1301 Lovers Ln 66506 BB00284
Call Hall1530 Mid Campus Dr North 66506‐1600 CL00072
Calvin Hall802 Mid Campus Dr South 66506‐0500 C00013
Campus Creek Complex1405 Campus Creek Rd 66506‐7500 ER00027
Cardwell Hall1228 N Martin Luther King Jr Drive 66506‐2600 CW00091
Center for Child Development1400 Jardine Dr 66506‐6300 CCD00194
Chalmers Hall1711 Claflin Rd 66506‐3900 AKC00136
Chemical Storage Building (King Annex)1221 Bayberry Ln 66506 CH00171
Chemical Storage Shed ‐ ENTOMOLOGY1603A Old Claflin Pl 66506 OCH00347
Chemistry-Biochemistry Building1212 Mid Campus Dr North 66506‐0401 CBC00165
Chester E. Peters Recreation Complex1831 Olympic Dr 66506‐5400 REC00159
Chiller Plant II1402 Claflin Rd 66506 CP200285
Civil Infrastructure Testing Lab925 Carlson St. 66502 TLC00653
CMG LARC ‐ Caretaker's Residence2685 Denison Ave 66502 LARC200212
CMG LARC - Research Bldg2681 Denison Ave 66502 LARC600207
CMG LARC ‐ Research Trailer2681D Denison Ave 66502 LARC100232
Coles Hall1620 Denison Ave 66506‐5800 VMS00147
Dairy Barn1500 Denison Ave 66506 GHD00161‐D
Danforth / All Faiths Chapel1401 Vattier St 66506 DC00003
Davenport Building1548 Denison Ave 66506 DV00089
Derby Food Center1324 Old Claflin Rd 66506 DF00128
Dickens Hall1116 Mid Campus Dr North 66506‐0800 D00018
Dole Hall1525 Mid Campus Dr North 66506‐6900 DO00168
Durland Hall1701A Platt St 66506‐5100 DU00153
Dykstra Hall1628 Claflin Rd 66506‐0900 DY00019
Ecumenical Campus Ministry1021 Denison Ave 66506 ECM01007
Edwards Hall1810 Kerr Dr 66506‐4800 ED00135
Eisenhower Hall1013 Mid Campus Dr North 66506‐1000 EH00022
Engineering Hall1701D Platt St 66506 DUE00153
English1612 Steam Pl 66506‐6500 ECS00108
Environmental Research Lab920A N Martin Luther King Jr Drive 66506 ERL00021
Equine Performance Testing Center1810 Denison Ave 66506 EPTC00235
Executive Court Building5970 Executive Court 66503 ECB00292
Executive Court Shop Annex5970A Executive Court 66503 ECB100293
Facilities Athletics Grounds (Herdsman House)2325 Jardine Dr 66502 FGCHH00355
Facilities Grounds1126 N Martin Luther King Jr Drive 66506 FG00097
Fairchild Hall1601 Vattier St 66506‐1100 F00030
Feed Technology1501 Old Claflin Pl 66506 FT00029
Fiedler Hall1701C Platt St 66506‐5000 DUF00153
Ford Hall1300 Old Claflin Rd 66506‐4400 FD00129
Forestry Ext - Gallaher Bldg 2610 Claflin Rd 66502  FOR00620
Forestry Ext - Greenhouse2610A Claflin Rd 66502 FHH00621
Forestry Ext - Vehicle/Maintenance2614 Claflin Rd 66502 FVM00622
Frith Community Center2002 Tunstall Cir 66506 JCC00170
Gen. Richard B. Myers Hall1304 N Martin Luther King Jr Drive 66506‐2100 GRM00079
Global Campus1615 Anderson Ave 66502 GC00169
Goodnow Hall1825 Claflin Rd 66506‐2000 GD00078
Grain Science Center ‐ Biological & Value Added Program1979 Agriculture Rd 66502 GB00186
Grain Science Center ‐ Hal Ross Flour Mill1986 Agriculture Rd 66502 GFM00191
Grain Science Center - International Grains Program1980 Kimball Ave 66502 GI00160
Grain Science Center ‐ O.H. Kruse Feed Mill1980 Agriculture Rd 66502 GO00211
Greenhouse D‐Conservatory1520 Denison Ave 66506 GHD00015
Gymnasium1733 College Heights Rd 66506 GY00073
Hale/Farrell Library1117 Mid Campus Dr North 66506‐1200 HL00031
Haymaker Hall1301 Claflin Rd 66506‐4500 HY00130
Hazardous Waste Transfer Facility (Flammables Unit)2018 Agronomy Central Rd 66502 HWF00290
Hazardous Waste Transfer Facility (Non‐Flammables Unit)2016 Agronomy Central Rd 66502 HWNF00289
Hessian Fly Greenhouse1324 Claflin Rd 66506 HG00205
HNR Rocky Ford Turfgrass - Main Office1700 Barnes Rd 66502 HFK00329
HNR Willow/Tuttle Creek Research Center6620 Dyer Rd 66502 HFL00610
Hoeflin Stone House1701 N Manhattan Ave 66506 HST00156
Holton Hall1101 Mid Campus Dr North 66506‐1300 HH00034
Holtz Hall1005 Mid Campus Dr North 66506‐1700 HZ00074
Housing Honors House1930 College Heights Rd 66502 HHH00282
Housing Storage Facility1528 Denison Ave 66506 HS00012
Housing Storage Building2310 Jardine Dr 66502 HDSF00227
ICE Family Basketball Center2201N Kimball Ave1800 College Ave66502 IBT00213
Indoor Football Practice Facility1800A College Ave1800 College Ave66502 IPF00176
Intercollegiate Rowing Training Facility2015 Kimball Ave 66502 IRT00218
International Student Center1414 Mid Campus Dr North 66506‐6700 ISC00155
Intramural Field Storage1816 Olympic Dr 66506 IFM00178
Jardine Terrace Apts #11615 Denison Ave 66502 JA100265
Jardine Terrace Apts #101602 Hillcrest Dr 66502 JA1000275
Jardine Terrace Apts #111705 Hillcrest Dr 66502 JA1100276
Jardine Terrace Apts #121609 Hillcrest Dr 66502 JA1200277
Jardine Terrace Apts #131603 Hillcrest Dr 66502 JA1300278
Jardine Terrace Apts #142013 Kerr Dr 66502 JA1400279
Jardine Terrace Apts #151955 Kerr Dr 66502 JA1500280
Jardine Terrace Apts #161927 Kerr Dr 66502 JA1600281
Jardine Terrace Apts #1A1804 Jardine Dr 66502 JA1A00266
Jardine Terrace Apts #21711 Denison Ave 66502 JA200267
Jardine Terrace Apts #31725 Denison Ave 66502 JA300268
Jardine Terrace Apts #41803 Kerr Dr 66502 JA400269
Jardine Terrace Apts #52000 Tunstall Cir 66502 JA500270
Jardine Terrace Apts #62016 Tunstall Cir 66502 JA600271
Jardine Terrace Apts #72012 Tunstall Cir 66502 JA700272
Jardine Terrace Apts #82008 Tunstall Cir 66502 JA800273
Jardine Terrace Apts #92004 Tunstall Cir1980 Kimball Ave66502 JA900274
Jardine Terrace D1604 Roof Dr1980 Kimball Ave66502 JTD00047
Jardine Terrace E1600 Roof Dr 66502 JTE00048
Jardine Terrace F1605 Roof Dr1980 Kimball Ave66502 JTF00049
Jardine Terrace G1601 Roof Dr 66502 JTG00050
Jardine Terrace H1544 International Ct 66502 JTH00051
Jardine Terrace I1540 International Ct 66502 JTI00052
Jardine Terrace L1948 Jardine Dr 66502 JTL00055
Jardine Terrace M1545 International Ct 66502 JTM00056
Jardine Terrace N1541 International Ct 66502 JTN00057
Jardine Terrace P1700 Hillcrest Dr 66502 JTP00042
Jardine Terrace Q2050 Kerr Dr 66502 JTQ00043
Jardine Terrace R2051 Kerr Dr 66502 JTR00058
Jardine Terrace S2020 Tunstall Cir 66502 JTS00059
Jardine Terrace T2050 Jardine Dr 66502 JTT00060
Jardine Terrace U1604 Hillcrest Dr 66502 JTU00061
Jardine Terrace V1600 Hillcrest Dr 66502 JTV00062
Jardine Terrace W1701 Hillcrest Dr 66502 JTW00069
Jardine Terrace X1605 Hillcrest Dr 66502 JTX00070
Jardine Terrace Y1601 Hillcrest Dr 66502 JTY00040
Justin Hall1324 Lovers Ln 66506‐1400 JU00041
KABSU Business Office3171 Tuttle Creek Blvd 66502 KAE00374
Kansas Wheat Innovation Center1990 Kimball Ave 66502 KWIC10017
Kedzie Hall828 Mid Campus Dr South 66506‐1500 K00071
King Hall1220 Mid Campus Dr North 66506 KG00020
Konza - Fire House (K220)100B Konza Prairie Ln 66502 KFH00198B
Konza - Greenhouse (K300)288 Konza Prairie Ln
 66502 KH300223
Konza - Hulbert Center (K100)100 Konza Prairie Ln 66502 KHC00198
Konza - Lab Building (K140)100 Konza Prairie Ln 66502 KLB00198A
Konza - North Cottage K310 (GH#1)300 Konza Prairie Ln 66502 KG100188
Konza - South Cottage K320 (GH#2)320 Konza Prairie Ln 66502 KG200189
Kramer Food Center1835 Claflin Rd 66506 KF00077
KSU Alumni Center1720 Anderson Ave 66506‐6600 AC10005
KSU Foundation Center1800 Kimball Ave 66502 FC210014
KSU Gardens Maintenance1608 Jardine Dr 66506 GM00179
KSU Innovation Center2005 Research Park Dr 66502 KIC00234
KSU Recycling Center1400 Claflin Rd 66506 WEL00121
KSU Student Union918 N Martin Luther King Jr Drive 66506‐2800 UN00101
KSU Transmitter Bldg2699 Denison Ave 66502 HFL00330
Lafene Student Health1105 Sunset Ave 66502 LMH00575
Leadership Studies & Program Bldg1300 Mid Campus Dr North 66506‐6800 LSP00195
Leasure Hall1128 N Martin Luther King Jr Drive 66506‐3500 LS00112
Library Annex5980 Corporate Dr 66503 LA00576
Marlatt Hall1855 Claflin Rd 66506‐1800 ML00076
Mary & Carl Ice Hall1310 Research Park Dr 66502 IHER00283
McCain Auditorium1501 Goldstein Cir 66506‐4700 M00133
Mechincal Engineering Laboratory1111 Hayes Dr 66502 MEL00182
Moore Hall1401 Claflin Rd 66506‐4100 MO00123
Mosier Hall1800 Denison Ave 66506‐5700 VCS00154
Natatorium920 Denison Ave 66506‐0300 NA00150
National Gas Machine Lab245 Levee Dr 66502 NGML00654
Nichols Hall702 Mid Campus Dr South 66506‐2300 N00082
North Range Greenhouse 51520 Greenhouse Pl 66506 TH‐G500161‐N5
North Range Greenhouse 6A1525A Greenhouse Pl 66506 TH‐G600161‐N6A
North Range Greenhouse 6B1525B Greenhouse Pl 66506 TH‐G6A00161‐N6B
Parking Maintenance Building2311 Jardine Dr 66502 PMB00216
Parking Structure706 N Martin Luther King Jr Drive 66506‐7900 KPS00192
Pat Roberts Hall - Biosecurity Research Institute1900 Denison Ave 66506‐7600 PRH00190
Pittman Building1531 Mid Campus Dr North 66506‐4600 PH00132
Plant Pathology - Rocky Ford Office1621 Barnes Rd 66502 PPC00383
Power Plant1100 N Martin Luther King Jr Drive 66506‐2700 PP00093
President's Residence100 Wilson Ct 66506 PR00092
Public Safety Service II2014 Agronomy Central Rd 66502 PSII00184
Putnam Hall1302 Petticoat Ln 66506‐3000 PU00103
R.V. Christian Track Locker Facility1800B College Ave1800 College Ave66502 RV00081
Rathbone Hall1701B Platt St 66506‐5200 DUR00153
Regnier Hall920C N Martin Luther King Jr Drive 66506 SRH00102
Salt Storage Building1828 Serum Plant Rd 66502 SSB00193
Seaton Hall920 N Martin Luther King Jr Drive 66506‐2900 S00102
Seaton Hall Northeast Addtion920B N Martin Luther King Jr Drive 66506 SRE00102
Shellenberger Hall1301 Mid Campus Dr North 66506‐2200 SH00080
Smith Scholarship House331 N Martin Luther King Jr Drive 66502 SM00098
Smurthwaite House1500 N Manhattan Ave 66502 SR00100
South Range Greenhouse 11428A Greenhouse Pl 66506 TH‐SR100161‐S1
South Range Greenhouse 21428B Greenhouse Pl 66506 TH‐SR200161‐S2
South Range Greenhouse 31428C Greenhouse Pl 66506 TH‐SR300161‐S3
South Range Greenhouse 41428D Greenhouse Pl 66506 TH‐SR400161‐S4
Stanley Stout Center2200 Denison Ave 66502 SSL00220
State of Kansas Department of Agriculture1320 Research Park Dr 66502 KSDOA02001
Tennis & Recreation Equipment Rental Building1811 Olympic Dr 66506 TRE00221
Thompson Hall1428 Anderson Ave 66506‐3200 T00106
Throckmorton Hall1712 Claflin Rd 66506‐5500 TH00161
Tointon Baseball Stadium at Frank Myers Field1800D College Ave 66502 KBS00185
Trotter Hall1710 Denison Ave 66506‐5600 VMT00151
Umberger Hall1612 Claflin Rd 66506‐3400 UM00109
Unger Complex2323 Anderson Ave 66502 UC00172
USDA - Center for Grain & Animal Health Research1515 College Ave 66502 AGBD00331
Van Zile Hall1304 Petticoat Ln 66506 VZ00113
Vanier Football Complex2201A Kimball Ave2201 Kimball Ave66502 VFC00291
Ward Hall1200 N Martin Luther King Jr Drive 66506‐2500 WD00085
Waters Hall1603 Old Claflin Pl 66506‐4000 WA00120
Waters Hall Annex1601 Old Claflin Pl 66506 WAX00117
Weber Hall1424 Claflin Rd 66506‐0200 WB00004
Wefald Hall1805 Claflin Rd 66506 WAH00286
West Hall1400 Old Claflin Rd 66506‐4200 WH00124
West Memorial Stadium704 Denison Ave 66506 WS00105
Wildcat Landing1800 Claflin Rd 66502 WCL00577
Willard Hall1211 Mid Campus Dr North 66506‐3700 W00116
Wood Kiln Building3173 Tuttle Creek Blvd 66506 WKB00217