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Division of Facilities

Room Use Codes

Room use codes and descriptions are indicative of room classifications based on the expected activities occurring in the marked rooms. The functional classification of a room should be based on the activities conducted in that room over the course of the fiscal year and must reflect the average functional use.

Please review your department’s list of assigned spaces by room and determine if the room functions are depicted correctly. The room use code can be found on the floor plans in the form of a number (ex. 310 - Office) or in the department inventory spreadsheet under the column labeled "Location Type." If a room is used for more than one function make a note of the average percentage of time that each function utilizes the space (i.e. 50% utilization, classroom/research).

If you are unclear on how to classify a specific room, make a note of the space and contact the Office of Space Management.

Room Use Code Summary (pdf)
Room Use Code List (pdf)

Annual Space Survey due
Aug 12, 2022