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Division of Facilities


The primary purpose of the Space Survey is to verify room types, room use function, and current users of the space. The functional classification of a room should be based on the activities conducted in that room over the course of the fiscal year and must reflect the average functional use.  Steps for completing the Space Survey can be found at the link below.

Space Survey Instructions


Please note that we are requesting additional information on the survey this year due to changes being implemented by KBOR regarding how we report on space.  This information will allow for improved management and support of university space and be a tool that can be used by the university for on-going campus space management and planning.

Space Survey Completion

All required information may be submitted via notes on the downloaded inventory sheets/plans or in excel spreadsheet form. Turn in completed survey data via email by Aug 11, 2023 to the Office of Space Management, Attn: Heather Mills, hlmills@ksu.edu.