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Division of Facilities


The primary purpose of the Space Survey is to verify room types, room use function, and current users of the space. The functional classification of a room should be based on the activities conducted in that room over the course of the fiscal year and must reflect the average functional use.  Steps for completing the Space Survey are as follows:

Review Current Space Inventory

  1. Download department inventories from the Space Management website.

  2. Download current building floor plans from the Space Management website.

  3. Review your department's list of assigned space by room and determine if the rooms are correctly assigned to your department.
    • Shared space – if there are rooms that you share with another department please note those rooms and the approximate percentage that you utilize the space (ex. 50%).

    • Rooms that are classified as mechanical, corridors, custodial, electrical, or restrooms will not show up on department inventories as they are considered unassignable space and managed by Facilities.
  4. Identify any rooms that are missing and note any rooms that should be removed by either marking up a floor plan or the inventory spreadsheet. Examples of how to submit survey comments can be found in the right navigation pane of this webpage.

Review Current Room Function

  1. Download room function codes from the Space Survey website.

  2. Review your department's list of assigned spaces by room and determine if the room functions are depicted correctly.

  3. Identify any rooms that need updated.
    • If you are unclear on how to classify a specific room please make note of this and the Space Management department will assist you.

  4. Research space – Please identify any space, including support spaces, that are used for research activities.
    • What type of research is being done
    • Who is the primary contact for the research project

Review Floor Plans

  1. Review floor plans to verify that wall changes or any other remodeling has been shown correctly.

  2. Note any discrepancies by either marking on a floor plan or noting the room numbers in a spreadsheet and then the Space Management department will field verify any updates that need to be made to the plans.

Space Survey Completion

  1. All required information may be submitted via notes on the downloaded inventory sheets/plans or in excel spreadsheet form.

  2. Turn in completed survey data via email by Aug 30, 2019 to the Office of Space Management, Attn: Heather Mills, hlmills@k-state.edu.