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Division of Facilities

Wefald Residence Hall and Kramer Dining Center 

Key Project Information:

This project includes a new residence hall, renovation and additions to Kramer Dining Center, connecting bridges to Goodnow/Marlatt, and improvements to Goodnow and Marlatt Halls. The new residence hall is located above the two story dining center and consists of 6 stories for 540 student beds. Each residential floor will have three communities. Each community consists of 14 double rooms, 2 single rooms, a study room, a break out room and bathroom facilities. Shared by the three communities on each floor is a kitchen and lounge area. A central lobby and laundry facility is located on the first floor. The hall also includes apartments for a director and assistant director. State of the art safety and energy saving technologies are included in the facility.

Additional Info

Key Dates:

The improvements to the Kramer Dining Center and the construction of Wefald Hall will be completed the fall of 2016. The improvements to Goodnow and Marlatt Halls will extend out until 2018 since the work on these buildings will take place during the summer breaks.

Contact Info:

Mark Taussig
Project Manager
Facilities Department of Planning and Project Management