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Division of Facilities

Master Plan Updates

As part of K-State 2025, the university has embarked on a comprehensive update of its Campus Master Plan, which was last updated in 2004. Master planning provides a road map for growth and renewal, while helping us decide the best place to make capital investments. By moving forward with this planning effort at this time, we can develop a more comprehensive approach to our future.

We appointed a Campus Master Plan Update Task Force, which includes representatives from across our campus, to help facilitate this process. We are working with the Baltimore planning and architecture firm of Ayers Saint Gross.

In the first phase of this project, representatives from Ayers Saint Gross conducted a series of stakeholder focus group meetings and open campus meetings to gather opinions, experiences and observations about the campus from a wide variety of individuals. Input from campus and community members is being collected via a web-based survey provided by Mind Mixer.

Ayers Saint Gross has gathered information on the specific facility needs of academic and administrative units. After analysis of the data supplied by our campus constituents, the firm developed initial proposals for additional feedback. Ayers Saint Gross is continuing to interact with the stakeholders on our campus to refine these proposals, and a final set of recommendations will be presented to the university leadership.