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Division of Facilities

Equine Performance Testing Center

Key Project Information:

The Equine Performance Testing Center (EPTC) at Kansas State University is a 26,000 square foot facility designed to provide safe, year round access to consistent footing and shelter from weather for horse owners, equine patients and veterinary students.

The proposed EPTC will include a soft footing riding arena, an area of asphalt footing for longeing purposes and a runway for comprehensive lameness examination. The indoor facility will enable the equine clinicians to examine patients and teach veterinary students year-round in a safe and effective environment.

Four holding stalls will be included for outpatient purposes, along with a farrier area and radiographic imaging facilities. In an effort to complete the mission of this land grant institution, the facility will include a conference room which will provide an area for client services, student education and outreach activities involving the local and regional Kansas community.

Key Dates:

Schematic design complete: 1/20/2015
Design development compete: 3/18/2015
Construction documents complete: 6/9/2015
Bidding: 7/2015
Begin construction: 8/2015
Completion: 5/2016

Contact Info: 

Emmy Chamberlin
Project Manager
Facilities Department of Planning and Project Management
207 Dykstra Hall