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Division of Facilities

KBOR Building Studies

The Kansas Board of Regents has initiated two university building studies to assess current building conditions and evaluate space utilization. The studies are in response to the board's current year goal to develop a strategy for addressing deferred maintenance at state universities. Studies are currently underway at each state university and are expected to be completed by the end of October 2020. 

The studies will evaluate mission-critical buildings, which are buildings approved by the board, built prior to fiscal year 2008 that support the university's instruction, research and service mission. This includes mission critical facilities on the Vet Med and Polytechnic Campus'. Buildings supported by auxiliaries and local agencies, such as Housing and Dining Services and K-State Athletics, and research and extension buildings located outside of Riley County will not be included.

While the studies are in progress, new capital improvement projects that add square footage to the university will not be submitted to the board for approval. In addition, any vacated campus space will not be reallocated until the completion of the space utilization study. 

Building Condition Study

Space Utilization Study