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Adding images

The most efficient process for adding images to a webpage is to upload, publish, and then insert the image into the .pcf file.

Image sizes

Resize the image on your computer before you upload it. Images can be edited with software such as Photoshop, Paint, or Preview. The middle column of a three-column page is 520 pixels wide. As a general rule, you will not need to upload images wider than 520 pixels.

Recommended image sizes

Editable regionMax width
Middle column, three-column page520 pixels
Right column, two-column page750 pixels
Text box in right column, three-column page195 pixels

Image location

Each site has an Images folder at the root of the site's file and folder structure. When inserting an image, the CMS takes you directly to this folder by default. It will save clicks in the future to keep all images together in the folder. You can keep them organized and easy to find by creating as many sub-folders as needed. 

Upload image(s)

Uploading images using the Upload button in Content > Pages is recommended to allow for immediate publishing.

Insert image

After uploading and publishing an image, navigate to the page and region you want to add it to. Click the green Edit button.

Additional Resources

K-State Photo Services

University photographers have a catalog of campus images available for official use only.


K-State's Center for the Advancement of Digital Scholarship provides an overview of copyright for website and content usage.