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A disclosure is a link that allows the user to expand and collapse information. The arrow to the left of the content rotates to indicate open/closed status. When content is collapsed the link displays a right-pointing arrow. When the content is visible, the arrow points down.

Example trigger text

This is an example of the details of a disclosure.

Create a disclosure

  1. Click the Edit button for the region where you want the disclosure. See Editing a page for more information.

  2. Put your cursor where you want the visible text (it will look like a link).

  3. Click the Insert predefined Snippet Content icon. It is on the second row of the toolbar, the puzzle piece icon.

    Insert Predefined Snippet Content icon

  4. Choose Disclosure from the list of available snippets and then click Insert.

    Choose Snippet modal in CMS

  5. Enter the text that will be visible in the default 'closed' state in the second column of the Summary row.

    Example Disclosure configuration table

  6. Enter the text to be displayed in the 'open' in the second column of the Details row.

  7. Repeat the process as many times as needed.

  8. Save your changes and test the disclosure(s) in Preview.

  9. Publish.

Additional information

  • Disclosure content can be styled like other text in the editor. Appropriate headings, bolding, links, etc. It can also include images and embedded media.


Disclosures are used to allow readers to choose the supplemental details they need. Disclosures should not be overused and do not replace the need for additional pages of content. 

  • For example, use disclosures for frequently asked questions allowing readers to quickly skim the applicable questions and read only those answers.