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Division of Facilities

Jardine Mailing Addresses

Jardine Apartments have a residential Manhattan address with a 66502 ZIP code. However, Central Mail Services delivers mail to the Jardine Apartments and so the campus mail service can be utilized for these apartments. Due to security measures, Central Mail Services does not leave packages at residential apartments. If your package is too big and will not fit into one of our parcel lockers located in the Jardine Apartment Mail Room, an email will be sent to the resident instructing them to pick up and sign for the package at the Contract Postal Unit. The Contract Postal Unit is located in 113 Dykstra Hall located on the west end, closest to Throckmorton Hall. 

If there is a piece of mail that is considered accountable (either Registered, Certified, Signature Confirmation, Insured, or Express Mail), the Jardine carriers will attempt to deliver the mail piece. If the recipient is not available, the mail piece must be signed for at the Contract Postal Unit. If there is a piece of mail in which postage is due, a PS Form 3849 will be left in the mail box with instructions to pick the piece(s) up at the Contract Postal Unit located at 113 Dykstra Hall (Hours of operation - 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday). The amount of postage due will be listed on the form and can be paid in US cash only. Credit cards or checks can not be used for these transactions.