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Division of Facilities

Campus Mail Pick Up & Delivery

Facilities Central Mail Services conducts one campus mail run each day, beginning at 9:00 a.m. To ensure that your outgoing mail is processed in the timeliest manner, please have it deposited at your building's mail box before 9:00 a.m. If you have a large mailing, please call Central Mail at 532-7751 or 532-1762 for a special pick-up.

Mail Delivery Requirements During COVID-19 (pdf)

What do Campus Mail Carriers pick up?

The answer is all of the following:

- Interdepartmental Campus Mail - business related letters and packages being sent from one campus department to another campus department, including the Salina campus and Topeka State offices.
- Mail to be metered (have postage applied to). All metered mail needs to have a meter code typed or written under the department's return address.
- Stamped Mail (departmental or personal mail that already has stamps affixed on it)
- Any prepaid FedEx Express (Express ONLY). Central Mail Services does not pick up FedEx Ground Packages.
- UPS Return Services

Campus mail boxes have three designated mail slots. Placing your mail in the correct mail slot ensures that it will be processed efficiently and accurately.

- Campus Mail - (Mail for delivery on campus, Salina campus or Topeka State offices.)
• Please mark mail pieces "Topeka Courier or Salina Courier". This mail is transported to Salina or Topeka by a K-State courier. Mail for Topeka or Salina that is dropped in the metered mail slot will be charged the postage for that mail piece.
Metered Mail - (Mail from university departments that requires postage.)
• All metered mail needs to have a meter code typed or written under the department's return address. If no postage meter number is provided and Central Mail Services is uncertain which number to charge, the mail piece will be returned to you.
- Stamped Mail (Departmental or personal mail that already has postage applied.)
• This is a courtesy pick up for mail pieces that already have stamps affixed.

• Separate Campus and Metered mail into the appropriate slots at the mail box. If campus letters are intermingled with metered mail (i.e. dorm address) they may be metered and sent via federal mail. If there is an incomplete address (i.e. Ford Hall and no city, state or zip code) on the letter, it will be returned to you via federal mail for a better address, thus wasting your postage. Central Mail staff watches for campus mail mixed with metered mail, but cannot catch every piece, especially in large mailings.

• Mail that is in a brown campus mail envelope with an off campus address (i.e. Olathe campus) will be returned for a complete mailing address. This mail requires postage.

• Central Mail Services sorts campus mail by department, not by name. Please include on the envelope the name of the person the mail piece is being sent to, their department and the building they are located in. See example below:

    FROM:   Your Name                                   
    TO:         John Doe                                    
    DEPT:      Horticulture                                
    BLDG:     2021 Throckmorton                     


• If a mail piece is addressed incorrectly, the delivery of the mail piece will be delayed. All incorrectly addressed mail must be looked up by Central Mail Services. If there is not enough information available to do a look up, the mail piece may be returned to you for correction.

• Sending personal mail through campus mail is prohibited. Do not send personal mail to employees on campus or to the dorms. All campus mail must be business related.

• Always mark off the former recipient's address before you fill out your address on the campus envelope. Two addresses listed on the envelope causes confusion and your mail piece may be delivered to the wrong address, resulting in delayed delivery.

• Make sure to remove all of the contents from the envelope before you recycle the envelope. Central Mail Services occasionally finds mail that has been lost or paperwork that has been left in the envelope. Please check all the envelopes that you place in your recycle envelope bin.

• If you need more envelopes please order them from University Printing. Feel free to print envelope routing sheets and attach to empty envelopes.

• Large 10x13
• Medium 6x9
• Small 4x9

Department Change of Address

In the event that a KSU department changes locations, a Department Change Of Address Form must be filled out for Central Mail Services. This form is to show an official change of address for a department on the Kansas State University campus. By filling out this form you ensure that your department's mail is delivered to the correct location in an efficient manner.