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Metered Mail

Metered Mail is mail, including packages to be shipped UPS and FedEx, from a KSU Department that needs postage applied. A Central Mail Services Information Sheet or shipping label is required for all packages over 13 ounces. A package is classified as anything that is not an envelope. This applies to all USPS, FedEx, UPS and International mail.

When shipping packages, Central Mail Services rate shops between USPS, UPS and FedEx to find the most economical method that meets the sender's delivery objectives. If a customer requests overnight delivery, tracking and services such as insurance, Central Mail strives to identify the best service available. All prices and rates used by Central Mail Services are a Corporate Discounted State Rate. This means that a package mailed by Central Mail will be cheaper than a package taken to the UPS or the FedEx stores. All Priority and Express Mail packages are shipped using Commercial Base Pricing including Commercial Base Pricing of Flat Rate Packaging. Please use the Commercial Base Pricing link for a listing of those rates.

For more information on USPS services, such as First Class, Priority, Express, Media Mail, Parcel Post and additional Mail services, please go to the Contract Post Office website. 

Facilities Central Mail Services conducts one campus mail run each day, beginning at 9:00 a.m. To ensure that your outgoing mail is processed in the timeliest manner, please have it deposited at your building's mailbox before 9:00 a.m. If you have a large mailing, please call Central Mail at 532-7751 for a special pick-up.

Campus mailboxes have three designated mail slots. Placing your mail in the correct mail slot ensures that it will be processed efficiently and accurately.

Campus Mail - (Mail for delivery on campus, Salina campus or Topeka state offices.)
• Please mark mail pieces "Topeka Courier or Salina Courier". This mail is transported to Salina or Topeka by a K-State courier. Mail for Topeka or Salina that is dropped in the metered mail slot will be charged the postage for that mail piece.
- Metered Mail - (Mail from university departments that requires postage.)
• All metered mail needs to have a meter code typed or written under the department's return address. If no postage meter number is provided and Central Mail Services is uncertain which number to charge, the mail piece will be returned to you. A Central Mail Services Information Sheet or shipping label is required for all packages over 13 ounces. A package is classified as anything that is not in an envelope. This includes FedEx, UPS and International Mail.
- Stamped Mail - (This is departmental or personal mail that already has postage applied.)
• This is a courtesy pick up of mail pieces that already have stamps affixed.

• Separate Campus and Metered mail into the appropriate slots at the mailbox. If campus letters are intermingled with metered mail (i.e. Dorm address) they may be metered and sent in federal mail. If there is an incomplete address (i.e. Ford Hall and no city, state or zip code) on the letter, it will be returned to you via federal mail for a better address, thus wasting your postage. Central Mail staff watches for campus mail mixed with metered mail, but cannot catch every piece, especially in large mailings.

• Separate and bundle together letters and packages going to an international address(es). Place a sticky note or band together to indicate the mail is international. If they are not with the correct international postage, they will be returned to you via federal mail for more postage. Central Mail staff watches for international mail mixed with the metered mail but cannot catch every piece.

• For all large mailings or oversized packages (packages that need a dolly or cart to be moved) call Central Mail Services for a pick-up.

• Central Mail Services has letter trays and mail tubs available for large mailings. Please give Central Mail Services a call and they will deliver them on the 9:00 a.m. mail run. The letter trays are specifically made to hold letters which makes them very easy to carry and stack.

Letter traymail tub

• For large mailings that need to have the envelopes sealed, please bundle with all flaps up or all flaps down. Do Not mix sealed envelopes with unsealed. Sealed envelopes will be torn apart in the machines if processed with unsealed envelopes.

• To request or cancel a postage meter number please fill out the Central Mail Services Postage Work Order Number Request/Cancellation form. Please fax it to Central Mail at 532-0187.

• To apply for approval to use another department's postage meter number for a one time mailing or an annual mailing, please use the Postage Metering Account Authorization Form. This form ensures that the correct department and the customers involved are notified and billed correctly.