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Workers Compensation

Regrettably employees on occasion become sick or injured through the course of the work they do. We make every effort to provide the safest work procedures, equipment, and materials so that we can do our work. We encourage employees to use accepted safe work practices at all times and provide specific safety training on programs related to injury prevention.

On the occasion of an illness or an injury we take care of the employee first. If he/she is able, we report the injury to the supervisor. Seek medical care if necessary at Mercy Hospital or Occupational Health Clinic (designated work comp medical provider in Manhattan; Stat Care in Salina) for care. If the employee is unable, we will call for an ambulance.

When medical issues are under control, we ask employees to complete a University Standard Accidental Injury Report (PER-17) which can be obtained from the supervisor, personnel office, or safety office. It is very important that this form be completed in a timely manner, as benefits can be affected if notice is not made. If an employee needs assistance with the forms or procedures, please feel free to visit the Office of Training and Safety.

Following a visit to receive medical care, we require that the employee return to the supervisor with the doctor's statement so that a determination can be made concerning employee's ability to return to work. We strive very hard to return employees to work as soon as possible to assure the highest rate of success.

There are many facets to the work compensation process and at times employees will receive mail and/or calls from the State Self Insurance office. The State Self Insurance Office is the sole determining authority for compensability of a claim. Not all injuries just because they happen at work are considered compensable work related injuries. Employees frequently interact with a "case worker" from their office. Forms must be completed and returned and occasional questions come up regarding billing and details.

In addition, Human Resources gets involved in the work comp process as they do the submission of KSU claims to State Self Insurance and process paperwork. Contact the Safety Training Office at (785) 532-1715 for any assistance.


Workers Compensation Rights and Responsibilities (pdf)

Information for Injured Employees (pdf)