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Division of Facilities

Building Controls

Building controls are the future of building management. They make our spaces more secure, more comfortable, more efficient, and easier to maintain.

Building control systems on campus include HVAC, Energy Management, Life Safety, Digital Video, and Security, which all fall under the umbrella of “controls management”.  These systems are designed to operate independently, as well as, interactively with one another to maximize desired effects.

There are 53,000 + individual “points” of control that are being monitored or manipulated at any given moment at K-State, with the majority of “points” attributed to HVAC Control systems.  

This is a description of each connected system on the K-State Campus.

(Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning) controls maintain indoor environments for our buildings and production set-points for the Campus Chilled Water plant.

Energy Management systems are used to monitor, control and calculate energy demands and usage for any given building or area.  Remember mom or dad yelling, “turn off the lights!”  Energy controls can do that for you and much more.  Light sensors, voltage meters, water meters, gas meters, steam meters, and chilled water sensors all are facets of Energy controls, which can help save or spend money wisely on Campus energy needs.

Life Safety is just that.  Save a Life.  Fire Alarms, Smoke Detectors, sprinkler systems, isolation dampers, and positive or negative air pressure in a room, are all facets of life safety controls.

Digital Video controls utilize Video cameras to monitor areas and spaces, which is a valuable resource for law enforcement and Campus security.

Security controls systems are used for monitoring and controlling security for an area, or space.  Card readers, panic buttons, retinal scanners, self-actuating locks, and magnetic lock devices are all components of security controls.