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International Mail

Ship to virtually every country worldwide with the U.S. Postal Service.

There are three main services for International Mail: First Class, Priority Mail, and Express Mail. All services are shipped Air Mail. Surface mail is no longer available.

Postage prices vary between each country and the exact weight of the package. When finding the price of the mail piece, you must know the country of destination, the shape of the mail piece, and the weight. With those three things, you can get an estimate on-line for the price of the postage.

International Postage Price Calculator

Each country has specific prohibitions and restrictions. Before shipping packages please be sure to check the prohibitions and restrictions of the country that you are shipping to. The link below is for the listing of each country and all mailing rules and regulations.

Country Conditions for Mailing

International Addresses

For instruction on international addresses please follow the guidelines from the USPS Web site.

U. S. Territories and APO/FPO Mail

Mail being sent to U. S. Territories and APO/FPO destinations, while they may be away from the U. S. mainland, are still domestic mail. However, mail being sent to these locations must have a customs form 2976-A attached. Postage prices are the same as domestic rates. All mail services may go to these destinations. Some APO/FPO destinations do not accept Express Mail. All other services such as First Class, Priority, Parcel Post, and Media Mail are available.

First Class Mail

First Class is the most economical way to send post cards, letters, large envelopes, and small packages under 4 pounds virtually anywhere in the world. Estimated delivery time varies by country.

- Letters and large flat envelopes less than 16 ounces do not require a customs form. Letters and large flat envelopes over 16 ounces require the 2976 customs form.2976 customs form
- Packages under 4 pounds and declared for $400 or less need the 2976-F customs form. Packages declared for over $400 are prohibited from First Class Mail.  These packages must be shipped using Priority Mail or Express Mail

Additional services available for First Class Mail International are: Certificate of Mailing, Insured, Registered, Restricted Delivery, and Return Receipt. 

Priority Mail

Priority Mail International provides customers with a reliable and economical way of sending packages up to 70 pounds to over 190 countries and territories worldwide. Some countries have specific weight requirements. The estimated delivery time for most countries is 6 to 10 business days. This time is not guaranteed.

*Priority Mail Flat rate shipping is available. Please use the Priority Mail Link for a listing of the sizes and cost of the boxes.

- All Priority Mail packages that are non-flat rate require customs form 2976-A, must be no more than 70 pounds in weight, and cannot exceed 108 inches in the combined length and girth around the thickest part of the package.

- Flat Rate Envelope has a weight limit of 4 pounds. If the envelope only contains documents (see below for a description) is less than 16 ounces, is no more than ¾ inch thick and uniform in shape no customs form is required. However if the envelope does not meet one of these requirements it is required to have a 2976 customs form. Also to use a Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope must have a declared value of $400 or less. Declared value over $400 is prohibited and must be mailed non-flat rate.

- Small Flat Rate Box has a weight limit of 4 pounds and requires a 2976 customs form. The Small Flat Rate Box must have a declared value of $400 or less. Declared value over $400 is prohibited and must be mailed non-flat rate.

- All other Flat Rate Boxes require customs form 2976-A, and have a weight limit of 20 pounds. 

Additional services available for Priority Mail International are: Certificate of Mailing, Insured, Registered, Restricted Delivery and Return Receipt. 

Express Mail

This is one of the fastest mail service and the only services with tracking and $100 insurance included. Most countries have a delivery time of three to five business days. Express Mail has a weight limit of 66 pounds and cannot exceed 108 inches in the combined length and girth around the thickest part of the package. Express mail requires a customs form. If the package is under 16 ounces customs form 2976 is required.  If over 16 ounces, customs form 2976-A is required. The Express Mail form is also required for all packages and letters.

- Express Mail Flat Rate Envelope is available as well as other packaging. Please use the Express Mail link for a complete listing of the packaging available. 

Additional services available for Express Mail International are: Certificate of Mailing, Insured, Restricted Delivery, and Return Receipt.


This refers only to printed documents, not to electronic storage media or devices such as CD's, DVD's or flash drives. Examples of documents include the following:

- Audit and business records
- Personal correspondence
- Circulars
- Pamphlets
- Advertisements
- Money orders, checks, and similar items. 

Examples of items that do not qualify as documents - Are considered merchandise, so they require a customs form from the sender - include the following:

- CD's, DVD's, flash drives, video, cassette tapes and other electronic media (regardless if they are blank)
- Artwork
- Collector or antique documents
- Books
- Periodicals
- Printed music
- Printed educational or test material
- Player piano rolls
- Engineering drawings
- Blueprints
- Film
- Negatives
- X-rays
- Photographs