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Division of Facilities

Topeka & Salina Courier Services


Business-related university mail destined for delivery to state offices in Topeka, Kansas is treated as "interdepartmental mail" by K-State's Central Mail Service (CMS). No postage is necessary!!!  CMS sends this mail via UPS daily to State Central Mail in Topeka where it is sorted and delivered to the individual state offices. 


CMS sends campus mail to Kansas State Polytechnic through UPS daily.  Salina receives the campus mail the next day and distributes it accordingly. 

All you have to do to take advantage of these services is:

1. Place the mail in a brown campus mail envelope, just like you would for any campus mail.  Please mark mail pieces "Topeka or Salina Campus Mail".

2. Address the mail in this format:

John Doe
Division of Personnel Services
Landon State Office Building
Topeka, KS

3. Place the mail in the "Campus Mail" slot in your building's mailbox or place it in the appropriate box in Anderson Hall; one box is marked "Salina," the other is marked "Topeka."

Questions may be directed to Central Mail Services at 532-7751