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Division of Facilities

Mission, Vision, & Values Statements

Mission Statement
Central Mail Services supports the existing and future missions of Kansas State University by continuing our commitment to knowledge discovery and improving the standard of living for those whom we serve. Central Mail Services provides the campus community high quality, cost-effective mailing and shipping services and products in a trusted, friendly manner. Above all else, we constantly seek to improve our processes and products. 

Vision Statement

Central Mail Services will provide for the evolving shipping and mailing needs of the staff, faculty and students of Kansas State University. This will be accomplished by providing the knowledge, skills and abilities to process all shipments and mail in an effective manner. We also will provide the best customer service possible, striving to anticipate and exceed the expectations of our clients. 

Values Statement

Credibility – CMS shall strive to be credible and trusted by the K-State campus community.
Expertise – CMS will be subject matter experts in the shipping and mailing needs of the campus community.
Nobility - CMS will be noble in character, meeting the customers’ needs while treating them with the utmost respect.
Trustworthiness – CMS will be reliable in providing the best customer service.
Resilience - CMS will recover quickly from adversity and display mental toughness.
Accuracy – CMS will provide the most accurate service possible.
Loyalty - CMS will remain committed to the mission, vision, and goals of Kansas State University and the Division of Facilities.


Motivation – CMS will find the fortitude to remain motivated to provide the best customer service.
Availability – CMS will make ourselves available to handle both students' and employees' cares, concerns, and issues.
Integrity – CMS will use honesty when dealing with our customers.
Learning – CMS will remain competitive in our jobs by continually learning more about our industry and providing accurate information.