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Additional Services Available 

Proof of Mailing

Certificate of Mailing - This receipt, which may be purchased with all mail services, shows evidence of mailing and can be purchased ONLY at the time of mailing. Don’t lose it! It’s the only official record available.

Certified Mail - Certified Mail provides access to online delivery information, you can be sure your article arrives at its destination. When you use Certified Mail, you receive a receipt stamped with the date of mailing. A unique article number allows you to verify delivery online. As an additional security feature, the recipient's signature is obtained at the time of delivery and a record is maintained by the Post Office. For an additional fee you can add a Return Receipt or Restricted Delivery. This service cannot be used with international mail.

Protection in Transit 

Insured Mail - If you're sending valuable merchandise through the mail, you'll want to protect it against loss, damage or theft. You can add insurance to cover your mailing up to $5,000. You only need to insure your package for the value of its contents, as you're only covered for the actual value of the contents. For items of greater value requiring additional insurance up to $25,000, use Registered Mail. Insured Mail can be used with all package services.

Registered Mail - When you're sending valuable or irreplaceable items through the mail, protect them with Registered Mail. Items you send with Registered Mail are placed under tight security from the point of mailing to the point of delivery, and are insured up to $25,000 against loss or damage. You can verify the date and time of delivery and the delivery attempts online. Registered Mail can be used with First Class and Priority Mail Services. For an additional fee, you can add a Return Receipt or Restricted Delivery.

Tracking or Confirmation

- USPS Tracking - You can verify when your package was delivered or get information on delivery attempts, forwardings, or returns. USPS Tracking is now available to most APO/FPO destinations and some Pacific Islands. USPS Tracking can be used with First Class Mail Parcels, Priority Mail, Standard Post and Media. USPS Tracking is free with Priority Mail, Express Mail, or Standard Post. It costs $0.90 for First Class Parcels and Medial Mail.
Note: A First-Class Mail mailpiece, determined to be a parcel by the dimensions and characteristics of the item, is eligible for Delivery Confirmation.

Signature Confirmation - Get written proof by asking us to request a signature from the person that received your mail or shipment. You can even have a proof of delivery letter with the signature of the recipient faxed or mailed to you upon request. Signature Confirmation can be used with First Class Mail Parcels, Priority Mail, Parcel Post and Media. Signature Confirmation may be combined with Insurance (within the U.S.). This cannot be used with international mail.

Return Receipt - Choose Return Receipt service when you purchase Certified Mail, Registered Mail, Insurance Over $200, or Express Mail. Return Receipt provides evidence of delivery (to whom the mail was delivered and date of delivery), along with recipient's signature and information about their actual delivery address. You receive the Return Receipt back by mail.

Restricted Delivery - When you want your mail to reach a specific recipient, use Restricted Delivery. This service can only be used in conjunction with certain services requiring a recipient signature such as Certified Mail, Insured Mail over $200, or Registered Mail. Sometimes, you might have private or highly classified documents that you require to be seen only by the addressee. Restricted Delivery ensures that your mail is only delivered to the person you specify, or to the person authorized in writing to sign for intended recipient. Mail for minors or persons under guardianship may be delivered to their parents or guardians.