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Division of Facilities

Zone Teams

Campus is delineated into a series of zones based on building area, type and proximity with each zone covered by a team of maintenance staff. Teams contain a full complement of trades: Heating & AC Technicians, Plumbers, Electricians and Preventive Maintenance Technicians. Each team will be led by a qualified supervisor and has a staff of capable tradespeople.

Support teams remain the Paint, Keyshop, Moving & Hauling and Construction Teams. Lock shop and Key control will be combined into one support team called the Keyshop due to synergies between the two functions with the expectation of increasing efficiencies while delivering the same excellent customer service to Campus.

The Construction Team will have close interaction with the Asst. VP position for budget planning, R&R forecasting and the association with space planning on Campus, but will report directly to the Director of Maintenance position.

One of the most important parts to building a great team is making sure everyone is aligned and operating from the same playbook, as a TEAM. It’s critical that everyone on the same team execute the same work schedule, the exception being flex-time.

Please see below the attached organizational chart. This will give you some detail of the teams and team leadership involved.