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Division of Facilities

Useful Forms

These forms are used by Central Mail Services to ensure that information is obtained correctly. Please read each form, fill out the form completely and send it to Central Mail Services. If you have any questions or concerns, please call Central Mail Services at 532-7751

Domestic Shipping Request - This is an electronic version of the Central Mail Services Information Sheet, it will be sent to centralmailservices@ksu.edu. This form is only for U.S. mailing and shipping.

International Shipping Request - This is an electronic version of the Central Mail Services Information Sheet, it will be sent to  ksucmsinfosheet@ksu.edu. This form is only for International shipping.

Central Mail Services Information Sheet (pdf) - This form, or the shipping label discussed below, is required for all packages that are to be shipped or mailed through Central Mail Services. Be sure to complete all sections of the form as well as sign and date at the bottom.

Shipping Label - This label can be ordered through Printing Services and is the equivalent to the Central Mail Services Information Sheet. Your department's return address should be printed on the label. A tracking number is not retained with these labels.

Department Change of Address Form (pdf) - This form is to report an official change of address, either on or off campus, for a Kansas State University department. By filling out this form you ensure that your department's mail is delivered to the correct location in an efficient manner.

Central Mail Services Postage Work Order Number Request/Cancellation (pdf) - This form is to request or cancel a postage meter number. Once completed, please fax the form to Central Mail at 532-0187.

Postage Metering Account Authorization Form - Use this form to apply for approval to use another department's postage meter number for a one time mailing or an annual mailing. This form ensures that the correct department and the customers involved are notified and billed correctly.

Campus Mail Routing Sheets (listed below) - If you need more campus envelopes, please order them from Printing Services. Feel free to print envelope routing sheets and attach to empty envelopes.

Large 10x13 (pdf)
Medium 6x9 (pdf)
Small 4x9 (pdf)