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Office of the Registrar

Student Confidentiality

Confidentiality Statement

Kansas State University maintains various student records to document academic progress as well as to record interactions with University officials and staff.  To protect the students' rights to privacy, and to conform with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), the University has an established Student Records Policy.  Interpretation of this policy is based on experience with educational records, and the policy itself may subsequently be modified in light of this experience.  Notice of this policy and of students' rights under FERPA is given annually.  Copies of this policy are available online via the FERPA Annual Notice as well as in the Undergraduate and Graduate catalog(s).

Student Rights According to FERPA
  • Right of inspection of records
  • Right to challenge records believed to be inaccurate
  • Right to consent to the disclosure of personally identifiable records (with exceptions)
  • Right to file complaints of alleged violations of the aforementioned rights.

Thee are various exceptsion and areas of university discretion concerning student FERPA rights.  To review further information visit the Student Records Policy section of this website, or the Department of Education FERPA website. 

Directory Information

Certain information concerning students is considered to be open to the public upon inquiry.  Under FERPA this public information may be released and is referred to as directory information.

Directory information as defined above may be released upon inquiry unless the student has requested that this information not be released.  The student's request to have directory information must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar via the Request to Add or Remove a Non-Disclosure Hold form.  The Office of the Registar will notify other appropriate University offices by placing a notation within the student information system.  See the FERPA Non-Disclosure website for further information.  

Consent for Access

Althougth K-State has a consent/designee process available to students it only covers access to Student Billing and Financial Aid.  There is no university consent for access process that currently allows a student to grant access to their educational/academic records across offices university wide.  Additionally, K-State does not have an individual consent form avaialble for use.  

Instead, we encourage students, as the full owners of their educational/academic record, to be involved in the conversation at all times.  For additional information or assistance please review the FERPA FAQ's.