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Instructional Mode

In-Person/Face-to-Face Instruction

In-person courses are considered a traditional mode of teaching in which the instructor and students are all simultaneously present in the classroom space. Typically, this would include the physical presence of all students with the instructor.

Hybrid/Blended Instruction

Blended courses are a structural decision as much as they are a pedagogical one because they operate through a replacement model. What that means is that you take an in-person course and replace some of the in-person time (e.g., live lecture or content delivery) with online elements (e.g., recorded lecture).  

Distance/Online Instruction

Online courses are traditionally defined as those in which 100% of the delivery takes place in the online environment through asynchronous activities, synchronous meetings, or a combination of both asynchronous and synchronous methods.

Guided Study Instruction

Guided Study (GS) courses allow independent learning in a structured format with the guidance and feedback of an instructor or mentor. 


Additional information on course modalities

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