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 Final Examinations:  (updated 04/20/20)

1.  Will there still be a prep/dead-week expectation applied to the spring 2020 semester?

Yes.  The change to remote learning options for spring 2020 courses has not changed the policy that indicates no examination (unit or final) may be scheduled seven calendar days prior to the first scheduled day of semester examinations. 

2.  Are my final examinations still scheduled? -(updated 04/20/20)

Yes. The university will maintain the same general policies around finals week and the final exam schedule will remain the same for any courses using traditional final exams.  

3.  What if I have more than two finals scheduled on the same day?  -(added 04/20/20)

Students’ rights and expectations remain the same. If you have more than two finals scheduled on the same day, you may request from the instructor of the highest-level class (by course number) that the final be changed. Students should not be asked to take final exams or turn in final projects during dead week. 


1. Can I change my major?

Yes, students can still make changes to their majors, minors, and certificates.  To change your major, reach out to the dean’s office of your current college for assistance.  For minors and certificates, please reach out to the department that handles the plan for assistance.

2. When will I enroll for the summer and fall semester?

Enrollment times can be found in the Student Center of your KSIS account and academic advisors are ready and able to work with all students on remote advising options.  Please plan on enrolling in KSIS like normal.  If you are unable to reach your advisor during this time, please reach out to your primary academic department for additional assistance.

3. What is the difference between dropping a course and withdrawing?

Dropping a Class When you drop a class, it must be done by the add/drop deadline that is published in the Academic Calendar for that semester. If you follow the drop process appropriately, the course will be removed from your schedule and your tuition will be adjusted and is not reflected on your academic transcript. The last date to drop a course was February 25, 2020.

 Withdrawing from a course

Leaving a class after the drop/add period has ended is considered a Withdrawal. You may withdraw from a course after the add/drop period has ended with no grade penalty, however, you will not be eligible for a tuition refund and must still pay any outstanding balances owed to the college. You will receive a "W" grade for the course when you withdraw.

 4. When is the last date I can withdraw from a course?

To accommodate students’ transition to a remote learning environment, we have extended the last date to withdraw from a course to week 13 (Monday, April 20th).

If a student withdraws from a course, the course will be included on their transcript with a 'W.' This 'W' indicates the student attempted the course but eventually withdrew prior to completing the course for a letter grade. 'W's do not count towards a student's GPA.

Note: Spring 2020 withdrawal deadlines for non-standard courses (courses that do not meet for the regular 16-week session) may be found here: https://courses.k-state.edu/spring2020/information/deadlines.html

5. Will I receive a refund for my class if I withdraw from a course? 

The university is not offering refunds for withdrawal from a course. The last deadline for a partial refund was on February 17.

We encourage students to work with their faculty members to provide additional guidance and support specific to your course, including accommodation for students with little or no access to technology or the internet. Please consult with your academic advisor if you are considering withdrawing from a course to review any implications to your academic progress or financial aid status.

6. Will I be reimbursed as an out-of-state student for the differential fee I pay for in-person vs. online courses? - (updated 04/09/20)

The move during the Spring 2020 semester from in-person to online is considered temporary in nature and normal delivery modes will resume at the appropriate time. As such, no adjustments to tuition and fees will be processed for the Spring 2020 semester.

7. How do I enroll with holds on my account?

Students will soon begin to enroll for the summer and fall terms. During this time students will be working with their advisors and may discover they have holds that cannot be resolved from a distance due to not having online payment options available or the inability to return items. We want to reduce barriers to enrollment for students.

In order to smooth the way for remote advising and enrollment, the following practices will be implemented to temporarily address holds that might prevent students from enrolling.

 · We will continue the practice of lifting holds for students with a balance due of $250 or less posted to their central KSIS accounts. This was approved through the Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) Team last spring.

· Lafene Health Center has indicated they are lifting all holds, including any ASAP holds.

· We will implement the practice of temporarily lifting any other holds that prevents enrollment beginning Tuesday, March 24.

· Holds that will remain applied to student accounts are:

    •  Advising to support students connecting with academic advisors,
    •  Student Life to maintain any conduct holds, and
    •  English Language Proficiency (ELP) to continue their procedures to have students demonstrate English language proficiency prior to enrollment holds.

When the University returns to normal operations, any holds that were temporarily lifted would be placed back on student accounts.

 Transcripts/Degree & Enrollment Verification:

1. Can I still get my official transcript?

Transcripts are ordered online with the available two options of electronic or paper delivery by mail, FedEx, and Priority. There should be minimal impacts to ordering, however, the processing time of the orders has been extended up to 5-7 business days (excluding weekends and holidays) due to limited operations on campus.

2. How do I prove I am still enrolled at K-State?


A self-service verification is available in a PDF format in KSIS. 

Select the “Other Academics” tile and the option Enrollment Verification. 

If the verification requires an anticipated graduation date or GPA information, please submit a Request for Verification of Enrollment to the Registrar’s Office. 

3. I am applying to a K-State Graduate Program – do I need to order an official K-State Transcript?

No.  Official K-State only transcripts for former K-State students are not required for the CollegeNet application.  Applicants are asked to upload an unofficial transcript for each prior post-secondary institution they have attended.  If admitted, they are asked to submit official transcripts from other institutions but NOT from K-State.

If a student encounters any issues with the CollegeNet online application around uploading transcripts students should click on the ‘ontact our help desk’ link.



1. I am graduating in Spring of 2020 - What do I need to know?  (updated 7/2/20)

Per the announcement by Provost Taber in K-State Today on Friday, March 27.  Because commencement ceremonies are a treasured tradition at Kansas State University, the university will combine its postponed spring 2020 ceremonies with the fall 2020 ceremonies, which will be November 20th on the Polytechnic campus and November 23rd and 24th on the Manhattan campus.

Although commencement ceremonies have been impacted, degrees will still be conferred to the student record as scheduled.  Diploma mailing and transcript mailing will still occur as scheduled for Spring 2020 graduates.

2. Will, I still receive my honor cords?  (updated 5/29/20)

Yes.  K-State will ensure that honor cords are received by graduates that earn graduation honors.  

2a.  When should I expect to receive my honor cord?

Honors cords will be mailed out at the same time as your diploma but may come in a separate envelope (i.e. Summa Cum Laude) depending on the size of the cords.  Honor Cords are also mailed to the Diploma Mailing Address indicated on your graduation application approximately six to eight weeks after the grade submission deadline (May 19, 2020). Diploma mailing address changes must be made in KSIS on your graduation application no later than June 15, 2020, by 5:00 pm CDT. All financial holds, including Exit Interviews, must be cleared before the honor cord and diploma will be released.

2b.  How are Honors Determined?

Typically, the honor cords are distributed prior to the end of the semester and are based on your prior semester GPA (i.e. Spring 2020 graduates were based on the Fall 2019 GPA).  This is known as "Candidacy for Honors" and is not the official honors designation that will be listed on your diploma and the official transcript.  Due to COVID-19, commencement was suspended and therefore cords were not distributed based on your candidacy.  As a result, your cords are being determined based on your actual honors GPA which is your final GPA as of spring 2020.  

You should expect that your Honors Cord will align with the Honors posted on your diploma and the official transcript.  Information on Graduation Honors (undergraduate degrees only) can be found on the Graduation Honors website.  

If you have questions about your Graduation Honors (after receiving your diploma) please contact the Office of the Registrar at KSUgraduation@k-state.edu 

3. Possibility of returning Graduation Regalia (rev. 3/26/20)

At the K-State Campus Store, we have received many inquiries about the possibility of returning Graduation Regalia that has already been purchased. For items that were purchased in-store or at the Grad Expo, In light of the current situation, we will allow full refunds on Graduation Regalia.

If you purchased your Regalia online from CBGrad/Balfour directly, then you will need to reach out to them regarding their returns policy. They can be reached at either https://www.cbgrad.com or 800-433-0296.

Regarding the process to return Regalia purchased in-store or at the Graduation (Grad) Expo can be mailed back to the following address. It is crucial to include your name and phone number with your return, as without your contact information, there is no way for us to process the refund.

ATTN: Graduation Returns
K-State Campus Store
020 K-State Student Union
Manhattan, KS 66506

Please, let us know if you have any questions. While the store is closed, the best way to contact us is via email. The best email to use is 1336gm@follett.com.

4. When should I expect my degree would be conferred (posted to my academic record)? (added 5/29/20)

The Office of the Registrar will begin reviewing potential graduates as approved by their Academic college, approximately one week after grades are due (May 19, 2020). Awarding of degrees takes approximately 4-6 weeks for review and it is anticipated initial degree posting will occur one month following the grade deadline for the semester (tentatively June 15, 2020).

5. How do I know if my degree has been conferred? (added 5/29/20)

Once your degree has been conferred (posted), your unofficial and official transcript/academic history will reflect this information. 

6. When should I expect my diploma? (added 5/29/20)

Diplomas will be mailed to the Diploma Mailing Address indicated on your graduation application approximately six to eight weeks after graduation. Diploma mailing address changes must be made in KSIS on your graduation application no later than June 15, 2020, by 5:00 pm CDT. All financial holds, including Exit Interviews, must be cleared before the diploma will be released.

7. What will be sent from the University to each spring 2020 graduate? (added 5/29/20)

Due to the COVID-19 suspension of commencement the university has made the decision to include a modified spring 2020 commencement program that would have been handed out at the ceremonies.  The program will be included in addition to the Diploma and Diploma Cover along with Honor Cords (undergraduate students only).  

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