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 Grades and Grading Policies:  (updated 08/01/21)

1.  How do I change my grading option to A/Pass/Fail?

Students can change the grading option for a class section in KSIS as long as the following conditions exists:

  • You must be enrolled or on the waitlist for the class section in question.
  • The last date to drop classes for the term in question must not have passed.
  • The class must allow for a grade of A/Pass/Fail grading option {refer to the A/Pass/Fail policy for guidance}

Refer to the KSIS: Change the Grading Option for a Class help page for assistance

2.  I want to stop attending my class, what should I do?

There is an official process for dropping or withdrawing from a classes(s).  If you cannot continue to attend a class for any reason and it is before a deadline to drop or withdraw, you must drop the couse in KSIS before the printed deadline in the academic calendar.  If you encounter technical difficulties you should contact your College Dean's Office for assistance.  If you cannot continue in ALL of your classes please connect with your College Dean's Office for assistance.

For additional information please refer to the Drops/Withdrawals page.

3.  How do I request an Incomplete grade and what is the process?

You can request an Incomplete grade ('I') from your instructor if you have been engaged and participating in the class prior to the circumstances that prevented completion of the course requirements.  It is highly recommended that you confirm in writing via an Incomplete Agreement Form confirming the remaining requirements to be completed in order to replace the grade of incomplete.

Do not just fill out the form and send it to your instructor.  You should first engage with your instructor to discuss options for completion of the course and determine in consultation with your instructor if a grade of incomplete is a viable option.  If agreement is made that the 'I' grade is the option to pursue then the Agreement Form should be pursued. {refer to the Incomplete Grading policy for additional guidance}

4.  Can my instructor lower my grade for being late or absent?

Your instructor has the right and responsibility to set the standards and criteria by which you will be graded.  These criteria can include attendance, punctuality, and class participation.  It is your responsibility to find out which criteria your instructors will be using to determine your grades.

5.  How do I check my grades?

Students may view their grades in KSIS by a few options:

6.  I am enrolled in a non-standard section that ends prior to the end of the full semester.  When can I see my grades in KSIS?

For courses offered in a shorter time period within the full 16-week (fall/spring) semester, it is possible that your instructor of record to post the grade prior to the official grade submission deadline at the end of the term.  Non-Standard courses allow for an instructor to grade once the course has ended and if the instructor saves/submits the grade to the final course roster the grade will show in the next overnight posting.  {i.e.; FA21 - ACCTG 832 goes from 8/23/21 through 10/15/21 - instructor submits grades on 10/20/21 - grade will be availble in KSIS on 10/21/21}

All grades for a semester are formally processed at the end of the term.  The grade submisison deadline is typically the Tuesday after the end of finals week resulting in grades being availble to view in KSIS the next day (Wednesday).  Refer to the Academic Calendar for exact dates. 

7.  I recieved an 'NR' grade.  What does it mean?

A grade of 'NR' stands for No Grade Reported meaning that the instructor of record has not submitted/posted grades for the course in question.  

8.  I did not finish my grade of 'I' (Incomplete) and it turned into a 'F'?

Because you did not compelte the coursework within your required agreement and deadline, the Incomplete grade you received in the prior semester has automatically rolled to a grade of 'F' per the Incomplete Grading policy.  This has been formally calculated as an 'F' in your GPA.

9.  I stopped attending my class, and I received a grade(s) of 'F'?

If you stopped attending class(es) at any point inthe semester without notifying your instructor(s), academic advisor or dean's office of the reason for your absence AND you did not drop/withdraw from the course(s) in KSIS before the deadline printed in the academic calendar, your should expect to receive a grade of 'F'.  

If you feel that due to extenuating circumstances, beyond your control, that you would like to request consideration of a late drop/withdrawal please refer to the Appeal for Late Drop/Withdrawal After Deadline process. 

10.  How is my GPA Calculated?

Grade Point Averages (GPA) are calculated by dividing the total number of Grade Points by the number of Credit Hours enrolled. Refer to the University Catalog:  Academic Policies and Procedures - Grade Point Average (GPA) Types for additional information.

11.  What grades are not included in my GPA?

Grades of CR (Credit Awarded ), I (Incomplete), IH (Incomplete Hold), P (Pass), NC (No Credit Awarded), NH (Non-Reported Hold), NR (No Grade Reported), or W (Withdrawn) do not impact your GPA. Do not include the credit hours for these courses in your credit hour total for calculating GPA.

12.  Are my grades from my former college(s) included in my GPA?

No. Grades received at other institutions are NOT averaged with grades received at K-State for the purpose of meeting the university/institutional cumulative GPA requirements. Other agencies and honorary societies will compute averages in accordance with their own standards and policies.

13.  What is a grade appeal?

Grade appeals (not including Academic Integrity/Dishonesty cases) may fall under the Grievances involving a change of grade protocol {University Handbook, Appendix V, Section A, 1.3}.  Students must first make any and all effort to engage with the instructor of record for the course around any disputes around the grade.  All effort to settle this dispute must be made first before formally beginning a grade appeal process. Grade appeals must be initiated within six (6) months following the issue date of the grade in question. Appeals must go to the Academic Department Head over the course in question, who will act as the mediator in the dispute. Please refer to the link above for additional information on the timeline and steps involved in this process. 

14.  I want to hand in the work I owe for my Incomplete grade, but my instructor has left the university?

Whenever possible, try to contact the instructor directly to make arrangements to hand in your work.  Sometimes instructors give out their personal contact information on their syllabi while others can be reached by asking the department to forward a message.

If your instructor is unresponsive or unavailable, contact the Department Head for help in resolving the unfinished grade. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you waited more than the agreed upon deadline in the Incomplete Agreement Form or the semeser after the Incomplete grade was issued, neither the instructor nor the Department Head is obligated to accept the completed work unless another deadline was negotiated and is one file before the instructor left the university.

15.  Can I retake a course? Should I retake a course?

It is impossible to detremine wether you can or should retake a couse without knowing what the grade is and how the cousre can be used to fulfill your graduation requirements. Students should work with their faculty/academic advisor to discuss options.  Undergraduate students should refer to the Undergraduate Retake Policy {University Handbook, F65.1}

 Final Examinations:  (updated 08/01/21)

1.  Is there a prep/dead-week expectation prior to Final Examinations?

Yes.  University policy that indicates no examination (unit or final) may be scheduled seven calendar days prior to the first scheduled day of semester examinations. {University Handbook, F71}

2.  What if I have more than two finals scheduled on the same day?

Students’ rights and expectations remain the same. If you have more than two finals scheduled on the same day, you may request from the instructor of the highest-level class (by course number) that the final be changed. Students should not be asked to take final exams or turn in final projects during dead week. 

 Registration/Enrollment: (updated 08/01/21)

1. Can I change my major?

Yes, students can still make changes to their majors, minors, and certificates.  To change your major, reach out to the dean’s office of your current college for assistance.  For minors and certificates, please reach out to the department that handles the plan for assistance.

2. When does enrollment start for the next semester?

Enrollment times can be found in the Student Center of your KSIS account and academic advisors are ready and able to work with all students on remote advising options.  Please plan on enrolling in KSIS like normal.  If you are unable to reach your advisor during this time, please reach out to your primary academic department for additional assistance.

3. What is the difference between dropping a course and withdrawing?

Dropping a Class When you drop a class, it must be done by the add/drop deadline that is published in the Academic Calendar for  that semester. If you follow the drop process appropriately, the course will be removed from your schedule and your tuition will be adjusted and is not reflected on your academic transcript. 

Withdrawal usually means the course remains on the official transcript with a grade of 'W'.

Leaving a class after the drop/add period has ended is considered a Withdrawal. You may withdraw from a course after the add/drop period has ended with no grade penalty, however, you will not be eligible for a tuition refund and must still pay any outstanding balances owed to the college. You will receive a "W" grade for the course when you withdraw.

4. How do I enroll with holds on my account?

Students should review the Early Enrollment dates and references listed on the Academic Calendar. During this time students will be working with their advisors and may discover they have holds that cannot be resolved from a distance due to not having online payment options available or the inability to return items. 

 Transcripts/Degree & Enrollment Verification: (updated 08/01/21)

1. How do I get my official transcript?

Transcripts are ordered online with the available two options of electronic or paper delivery by mail, FedEx, and Priority. There should be minimal impacts to ordering, however, the processing time of the orders has been extended up to 5-7 business days (excluding weekends and holidays) due to limited operations on campus.

2. How do I prove I am still enrolled at K-State?

A self-service verification is available in a PDF format in KSIS. 

Select the “Other Academics” tile and the option Enrollment Verification. 

If the verification requires an anticipated graduation date or GPA information, please submit a Request for Verification of Enrollment to the Registrar’s Office. 

3. I am applying to a K-State Graduate Program – do I need to order an official K-State Transcript?

No.  Official K-State only transcripts for former K-State students are not required for the CollegeNet application.  Applicants are asked to upload an unofficial transcript for each prior post-secondary institution they have attended.  If admitted, they are asked to submit official transcripts from other institutions but NOT from K-State.

If a student encounters any issues with the CollegeNet online application around uploading transcripts students should click on the ‘contact our help desk’ link.

 Graduation/Commencement: (updated 08/01/21)


1. I am graduating in this semester - What do I need to know?  

Refer to the Office of the Registrar Graduation page as well as the University Commencement website for additional information. 

2. How do I receive my honor cords?  

Student's who have applied to graduate and are determined by the last fully graded semester on record to be a Candidate for Scholastic/Latin Honors will recieve notification from their College Dean's Office on pick-up options.

2a.  How are Honors Determined?

Typically, the honor cords are distributed prior to the end of the semester and are based on your prior semester GPA (i.e. Fall 2021 graduates were based on the Spring or Summer 2021 GPA).  This is known as "Candidacy for Honors" and is not the official honors designation that will be listed on your diploma and the official transcript.  

Your Honors Cord may not align with the Honors posted on your diploma and the official transcript.  Information on Graduation Honors (undergraduate degrees only) can be found on the Graduation Honors website.  

If you have questions about your Graduation Honors (after receiving your diploma) please contact the Office of the Registrar at KSUgraduation@k-state.edu 

3. When should I expect my degree would be conferred (posted to my academic record)? (added 5/29/20)

The Office of the Registrar will begin reviewing potential graduates as approved by their Academic college, approximately one week after grades are due (see the academic calendar for exact dates). Awarding of degrees takes approximately 4-6 weeks for review and it is anticipated initial degree posting will occur one month following the grade deadline for the semester.

5. How do I know if my degree has been conferred? (added 5/29/20)

Once your degree has been conferred (posted), your unofficial and official transcript/academic history will reflect this information. 

6. When should I expect my diploma? (added 5/29/20)

Diplomas will be mailed to the Diploma Mailing Address indicated on your graduation application approximately six to eight weeks after graduation. Diploma mailing address changes must be made in KSIS on your graduation application no later than the Friday of the end of the semester. All financial holds, including Exit Interviews, must be cleared before the diploma will be released.

7. I had a hold on my account preventing the release of my diploma and it has been resolved - What do I need todo?

When a hold that has been resolved and released allowing your diploma or transcript to now be available, know that the system will not automatically identify that the hold has been removed and that your diploma should be mailed.  Instead you need to contact ksugraduation@ksu.edu as soon as the hold has been removed so we can work with you to determine next steps. 

Depending on how long it has been since your degree conferral will depend on additional information that may be required - such as updated email, phone, mailing address, etc... It may also be that the original diploma that printed is no longer in our physical repository requiring that a new one be ordered/printed resulting in the need to walk through the replacement diploma processess and payment options. 

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