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Office of the Registrar

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide services to all University stakeholders in support of the institutional mission. As the official purveyor of student academic information, the integrity of all student records is maintained from the time of matriculation to beyond graduation as enrollment continues as part of the lifelong learning process.

Common Purpose Statement

We instill confidence by providing a dynamic service-oriented environment of data integrity, influential collaboration, and cutting edge solutions for the global community and the University within.


We aspire to collaborate with the university by providing innovative and solutions-based service.


Customer Service
We strive to provide excellent customer service that encompasses empathy, patience, passion, persistence, and a sincere desire to improve. 

We believe communication is crucial to our mission, must reflect our values, and must demonstrate the respect we hold for our community.

We maintain the integrity and privacy of the student academic record in a manner that meets student needs and complies with federal, state, and university regulations.  We take pride in our integrity and recognize how accountability for our actions is interwoven into our responsibility to one another and the university.

We value differences and demonstrate respect for human dignity. We further affirm the worth of each member of our office and those in the university community by treating each individual with respect and courtesy.

Technology and innovation are vital in our desire to embrace intellectual curiosity and creative problem-solving.