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Office of the Registrar

Office of the Registrar
118 Anderson Hall
919 Mid-Campus Drive North
Manhattan, KS 66506–0114

Main Line: 785-532-6254

Phone Hours:
 Monday, Wednesday through Friday
 8:00-5:00 pm
 9:00-5:00 pm
E-mail: registrar@k-state.edu 


Walk-in Hours:
 Wildcat One Stop
 119 Anderson Hall
 Monday, Wednesday through Friday
 8:00-5:00 pm
 9:00-5:00 pm

Refund Policy

The following table applies to students who drop one or more courses or completely withdraw from a term. Refunds are calculated by counting calendar days, including Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. Percentages and days are illustrated for full-term/regular session courses. Refunds for courses of less than a full term (non-standard session courses), including all summer courses, will be pro-rated based on the number of days in the course.

Refer to the Non-Standard Drop/Refund Dates table for non-standard session course deadlines {Go to the Term> Course Schedule Information> Drop Deadline Dates}. Each course will be refunded separately from any other courses. If any refund deadline falls on a weekend or university holiday, the deadline will be extended to the next business day.

Refer to the University Handbook, Section F64.1-64.7 for additional information and guidelines on Dropping and Adding Courses and Withdrawing

On-Campus Refund Periods
Time of WithdrawalRefund Percentage
Through 21st Calendar Day100%
22nd Through 28th Calendar Day50%
After 28th Calendar DayNo Refund

Refunds will not be made until sufficient time has elapsed to ensure that fee payment checks have been honored by the bank, usually 15 days after the student pays. Refunds generated entirely from dropped courses will not be issued during the first 20 days of class. Students who completely withdraw from a term lose access to all campus student services as of the date of withdrawal. Academic action taken after the last day of a term will not result in a refund.

Federal regulations may require students attending the university who receive federal forms of financial assistance under Title IV, and completely withdraw from the university, to be subject to a "return of Title IV aid" calculation which is different from the above refund percentages. Contact the office of Student Financial Assistance for details.


Students who must report for active U.S. military duty during an academic term are entitled to receive a full refund of tuition and fees. All refunds are subject to the presentation of official military documentation. Students who volunteer for military service will be subject to the University's non-military refund policy. Room and board charges will be prorated to the extent that services have been provided.

Global Campus

Some professional degree programs may have special refund policies that will be published in the program announcement. For Non-Credit Programs, refund policies will be stated in the published announcement. A full refund will be made if the program is canceled.