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For even more helpful information about Mediasite, check out the product documentation in the MyMediasite Guide.

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Get Started

Access Your MyMediasite PortalAccess Your MyMediasite Portal

The MyMediasite portal allows you to create, edit and organize your Mediasite presentations.

Create Content

Upload an Existing VideoUpload an Existing Video

Do you already have a video? Here is how to upload the file to Mediasite.

Capture Your Desktop Using Mediasite MosaicCapture Your Desktop Using Mediasite Mosaic

Download and install Mediasite Mosaic to record your computer's desktop, microphone, and optionally your webcam. Mosaic is the modern replacement for Mediasite Desktop Recorder.

Create an Unscheduled Recording in a Mediasite-ready RoomCreate an Unscheduled Recording in a Mediasite-ready Room

Start an ad-hoc, unscheduled recording in a room equipped with a Mediasite capture solution.

Automatically Import a Zoom Cloud RecordingAutomatically Import a Zoom Cloud Recording

Configure your Zoom meeting schedule to automatically import the Zoom Cloud recording into Mediasite.

Create and Add Closed CaptionsCreate and Add Closed Captions

Nearly everyone uses them, and they are legally required. Enhance the value of your Mediasite presentation with closed captions.

Add In-Video QuizzesAdd In-Video Quizzes

Add interactivity and gauge your students' comprehension with in-video quizzes.

Manage Content

Edit Your Presentation's ContentEdit Your Presentation's Content

Trim your presentation and perform other basic edits using Mediasite's web-based editor.

Change Your Presentation's Thumbnail ImageChange Your Presentation's Thumbnail Image

The thumbnail is a still image representing your presentation. Replace the system-generated thumbnail with your custom image.

Move or Reorganize a PresentationMove or Reorganize a Presentation

Keep your content organized by moving existing presentations into video collections such as Mediasite Channels and Shared folders.

Download Your PresentationDownload Your Presentation

Set podcast, vodcast and Publish To Go delivery options to download your presentation from the MyMediasite portal.

Archive Your PresentationArchive Your Presentation

Offline, but not gone forever. Use Publish To Go to back up and archive your content.

View Analytics for Your PresentationView Analytics for Your Presentation

See viewing trends and discover how your audience interacts with your Mediasite content.

Distribute Content

Make Your Presentation Viewable to Others at K-StateMake Your Presentation Viewable to Others at K-State

Change your presentation's visibility from the default of "Private" to "Viewable" to allow your students and other K-Staters to watch it.

Make Your Presentation Publicly Viewable to EveryoneMake Your Presentation Publicly Viewable to Everyone

By default, Mediasite content is restricted to those with a valid K-State eID. Modify your presentation's security settings to make it available to the general public.

Share Your Presentation with OthersShare Your Presentation with Others

Include your presentation's sharable URL in email and embed your presentation on a website.

Add Mediasite Content to Canvas ModulesAdd Mediasite Content to Canvas Modules

Use LTI-integrated tools built into Canvas to add Mediasite content to your course.

Play Content

Troubleshoot Playback IssuesTroubleshoot Playback Issues

Having trouble playing a Mediasite presentation? Try these troubleshooting tips.

Download and Watch a Publish To Go PackageDownload and Watch a Publish To Go Package

Has your instructor allowed you to download a Mediasite Publish To Go package from your course? Learn how to download and watch it offline.

Accommodate Poor/Problematic Internet ConnectionsAccommodate Poor/Problematic Internet Connections

Streaming video inherently requires an adequate Internet connection. Instructors can consider several options to accommodate students with poor or problematic Internet connectivity.