HOW TO: Access your MyMediasite portal

The MyMediasite portal allows you to create, edit and organize your Mediasite presentations. It can be accessed from within Canvas or directly, as described below.

Crash course: Mediasite orientation (22:04)

Access within Canvas

Canvas is the preferred method of accessing the MyMediasite portal. You can access your MyMediasite portal from any of your courses.

  1. Log into Canvas.

  2. Navigate to your Canvas course.

  3. From the course navigation menu to the left, click on the "MyMediasite" navigation item.

    MyMediasite Navigation Menu Item

Note: Students cannot see the MyMediasite navigation item in their course navigation menu, as it is restricted to Teacher and TA roles in Canvas.

Access directly within your browser

K-State faculty and staff can access their MyMediasite portal using the link below.

Open the MyMediasite portal

Navigating the portal

For information about navigating the MyMediasite portal, please consult the MyMediasite documentation.

Video: MyMediasite navigation overview (3:14)