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Troubleshooting Playback of Mediasite Presentations

If you are having trouble playing a Mediasite presentation or are encountering excessive buffering/pauses in the video, first verify your computer and your Internet service meet the requirements for playing a Mediasite presentation.

Requirements for viewing a Mediasite presentation

  • Microsoft Windows 10, Windows Server 2008 (requires the Desktop Experience), Windows 8, Windows 7
  • Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 or later, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome
  • Windows Media Player 9.0 or later (IE only)
  • Broadband Internet connection speed of 2 Mbps minimum with a recommendation of 4 Mbps or greater (test your speed)
Open the Viewing Requirements Test Tool

Other troubleshooting measures

If you have determined your computer and your Internet connection meet the above requirements, but you still cannot watch Mediasite presentations, please try the additional troubleshooting tasks below.

  • Clear your web browser's cache

  • See if you can successfully play this Mediasite test presentation. The test presentation is hosted on a different Mediasite server and can help isolate the issue

  • Are you using a wireless or cellular connection? Try switching to a wired Ethernet connection or plugging directly into your cable or DSL modem

  • Check the download speed of your Internet connection to verify it performs as promised by your Internet service provider (ISP). It is best to perform this speed test during a time when Mediasite playback is troublesome, as the quality of your Internet connection can vary throughout the day/night

  • Avoid situations where you may be competing for bandwidth on a shared Internet connection, such as trying to watch Mediasite presentations while your roommate is streaming Netflix or playing online video games

  • Try playing the presentation in other web browsers to learn if the issue is isolated to a specific browser

  • If you have access to another computer or playback device, see if the presentation plays successfully on that device. For example, try playing back the presentation on a computer in Hale Library or other on-campus locations

Specific error messages or conditions

Error message: The requested presentation is currently unavailable

Error: The requested presentation is currently unavailable

This message most often results when the presentation's visibility status is set to "Private." Contact the instructor or owner of the Mediasite presentation and request they change the visibility status from "Private" to "Viewable."

Blank space where the presentation should appear

Your K-State Single Sign-On (SSO) browser session may have expired. Do one or more of the following:

An unfamiliar login screen or a message stating the service requires cookies be enabled appear instead of the presentation

These conditions can occur under certain circumstances. Do one or more of the following:

Flashes of color during playback in Chrome

Flashing red or green frames may be displayed while using the Chrome web browser to view Mediasite presentations configured to use Smooth Streaming. This may only happen briefly, or it may continue to occur sporadically during playback. You can resolve the issue by disabling hardware acceleration in Chrome.

Still Experiencing Playback Problems?

Contact the K-State IT Help Desk at 785-532-7722 or 800-865-6143, or submit a support ticket to receive additional troubleshooting assistance.