HOW TO: Archive Mediasite content

To help the university use its IT resources efficiently and comply with record management policies, it is important to regularly remove from Mediasite any obsolete content that no longer serves a useful purpose. If you have presentations in Mediasite you wish to keep, but that do not necessarily need to be available online, consider archiving an offline copy using one of the methods discussed below.

Archives & Records Management

University Archives and Records Management can help you interpret whether you should retain content or delete it according to K-State's record retention schedules.

Archive individual presentations

A Mediasite presentation can be downloaded as an MP3 audio-only podcast file, an MP4 video podcast file, or an archive-oriented .zip media package.

Download as an audio or video podcast

A self-service option is to download one or more Mediasite presentations individually as MP3 (audio-only podcast) or MP4 (audio and video vodcast) files. These formats can be viewed offline on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device, and they are often compatible with other multimedia hosting services.

  1. Download an MP3 podcast and/or MP4 vodcast to your computer using these instructions.

  2. If your video has captions, remember to download the captions, too. Caption data is not included in the MP3 and MP4 files.

  3. Once you have successfully archived the presentation to your local computer, delete the presentation from Mediasite.

Download as a media package

Alternatively, you can download a .zip media package of the presentation's content. The media package is an archive-friendly format a Mediasite administrator can easily re-import into Mediasite, if necessary.

  1. From the list of presentations in your My Mediasite portal, select the name of the presentation you wish to archive. A summary of the presentation will appear.

  2. Select Downloads, located at the bottom of the right column.

  3. Select All media files (.zip). The .zip archive will download to your local computer.

  4. Once you have successfully archived the presentation to your local computer, delete the presentation from Mediasite.

Archive entire folder(s) of presentations

If you want to archive one or more channels or shared folders containing a large number of presentations, the Division of Information Technology can help by using an administrative tool. The tool exports the Mediasite presentations as individual media packages that allow an administrator to easily re-import one or more presentations into Mediasite, if necessary.

To request a bulk archival action, please submit a request with the name(s) of the channel(s) and/or folder(s) you wish to archive, and IT will contact you to coordinate further. Because this process normally involves a large amount of data, a requestor-provided portable USB hard drive is often required to facilitate delivery.

Request an archive of Mediasite content