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HOW TO: Archive Mediasite Presentations

If you have presentations in Mediasite you wish to keep, but that do not necessarily need to be available online, consider archiving an offline copy using the Publish To Go feature in Mediasite. Removing obsolete or unused content from Mediasite lowers the university's cost of providing the service. Publish To Go packages are viewable on your local computer and, if necessary, can be imported back to the server by a Mediasite administrator.

  1. From within the list of presentations in your MyMediasite portal, select the name of the presentation you wish to archive. A summary of the presentation will appear

  2. Select Download to Computer from the bottom or the right column

    Download to Computer option

  3. If the Publish To Go package has not been created yet, select Create Publish to Go

    Create Publish to Go option

    The download package may take several minutes to be prepared. If you do not wish to wait, you may close the dialog box, and Mediasite will continue preparing the download behind the scenes, but there will be no notification when the creation process completes, so you must remember to return to the page by selecting the Download to Computer option again

    Message reading "Publish to Go is working. Please check back soon."

  4. When the download is ready, select Download Publish to Go to download the .zip file to your computer

    Download Publish to Go option

  5. Move the .zip file to your desired folder and extract it. All of the content will be available, viewable by opening the "Default.html" file

    See how to watch a presentation in a Publish To Go package

  6. Once you have successfully archived the presentation to your local computer, delete the presentation from Mediasite. Publish To Go packages can imported back to the server at a later time by a Mediasite administrator if needed.

    Delete option

    Delete Presentation confirmation

Archive Entire Folder(s) of Presentations

If you want to archive one or more channels or shared folders containing a large number of presentations, Electronic Media Services (EMS) can help by using an administrative tool. Submit a request with the name(s) of the channel(s) and/or folder(s) you wish to archive, and EMS will contact you to coordinate further. Because this process normally involves a large amount of data, a portable USB hard drive is required to facilitate the delivery.