HOW TO: Download your Mediasite presentation

You can download a copy of your Mediasite presentation for archival or offline viewing. The instructions below describe two ways to download your Mediasite presentation from your My Mediasite portal.

Note: If you are looking for instructions to allow others to download your Mediasite presentations, like students participating in a Canvas course, please see these instructions for allowing students to download your Mediasite content.

Archiving Mediasite content

For more information about options for archiving Mediasite presentations, including how to request entire folders be archived, please see the this article about archiving Mediasite content.

Download content using the My Mediasite portal

  1. From within the list of presentations in your My Mediasite portal, select the name of the presentation you wish to download. A summary of the presentation will appear.

  2. Select Edit Details in the right column. Options for editing the presentation will appear.

    Edit button in the right column

  3. Select Delivery.

  4. Check the appropriate checkbox(es) to select your download format(s). There are two downloadable formats that can be viewed offline on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device, and they are often compatible with other multimedia hosting services:

    Podcast: Creates an audio-only MP3 file.

    Video Podcast: Creates a single MP4 video file. Choose Vodcast MP4. Please note that video podcast creation for videos longer than approximately three hours may fail.

    Pro Tip: The "Vodcast MP4" option will add the presentation's banner to the top of the vodcast video. To create a vodcast video without the banner, choose "Vodcast MP4 No Banner."

    Delivery Options

  5. Select Save at the top-right.

    Note: After enabling these options, the server must first create the MP3 podcast file or the MP4 vodcast file before the download option(s) will appear. Please be patient while the server creates the file(s), which can take several minutes to several hours, depending on the length of the presentation. The "Download Podcast" and/or "Download Vodcast" options will appear once file creation is complete (see step 7).

  6. From the presentation summary, select Downloads, located at the bottom of the right column.

    Downloads option

  7. Select the desired download option. If your presentation contains captions, they can be downloaded here, too. Caption data is not included in the MP3 and MP4 files.

    Presentation Download Options