HOW TO: Share your Mediasite presentation with others

The following describes how to share Mediasite content with other people outside of Canvas.

Important: DO NOT use the Quick Link or embed code discussed below to insert content into CANVAS. See HOW TO: Add content to Canvas modules for instructions on how to add Mediasite content to Canvas.

  1. From within the list of presentations in your My Mediasite portal, click on the name of the presentation you wish to share. A summary of the presentation will appear.

  2. Select Share Presentation, located near the bottom of the right column.

    Share Presentation button

  3. Choose your sharing option:

    Quick Link: Provides a link you can copy and then paste into a website, email, or social media platform.

    QR Code: Right-click to save the QR code, which can be scanned by most mobile device cameras to open a link to the presentation.

    Invite by Email: By providing a person's email address, they will receive a link (like the one provided within the Quick Link field) as well as other information such as the description or presenter information, if available.

    Embed: Provides a snippet of HTML code that can be copied and pasted into the source code of a webpage. Choose the appropriate Embed Size to fit your website. Once the Embed Code is inserted into the webpage and the webpage is viewed, the Mediasite presentation will be displayed in a player on the webpage.

Check the security settings

When sharing your presentation, you may see a message warning you the presentation is inheriting its permission from a parent folder:

Warning message

While the warning message may sound ominous, in most cases the presentation should inherit the permissions of the parent folder, because the parent folder has likely been preconfigured with the proper security settings for all the content in the folder. You can verify your presentation's security settings by selecting Edit Security in the right column of the presentation summary.

Important Note: By default, viewing Mediasite presentations requires a valid K-State eID and password. If you intend to distribute your Mediasite presentation to individuals who do not have an eID, or if you intend to place the presentation on a public-facing website, you will need to adjust the security permissions so people will not be prompted to provide an eID and password.

Also, you must also set the presentation's status to Viewable before others will be able to watch it. A presentation set to Private will only be viewable to the presentation's owner; others will receive an error saying the presentation is unavailable.