HOW TO: Make your presentation publicly viewable

Video: How to make a Mediasite presentation publicly viewable to everyone (0:59)

By default, viewing Mediasite presentations requires a valid K-State eID and password. If you intend to distribute your Mediasite presentation to individuals who do not have an eID, or if you intend to place the presentation on a public-facing website, you will need to adjust the security permissions so people will not be prompted to provide an eID and password. The instructions below describe how to modify a presentation's security permissions to make the presentation viewable to everyone.

  1. From the list of presentations in your My Mediasite portal, select the title of the presentation you wish to make viewable to everyone. A summary of the presentation will appear.

  2. From the Presentation Summary, locate the Who Can View? slider toward the bottom of the right column.

  3. Move the slider to the position labeled Everyone.
    Who Can View? slider with Everyone selected

Once the slider is set to Everyone, individuals with whom you share the Mediasite presentation will not be required to provide an eID or password to watch it.

Please Note: In addition to modifying the "Who Can View?" settings above, you should verify the presentation's visibility is set to Viewable so others may watch the presentation. A presentation set to Private visibility will only be viewable to the presentation's owner; others will receive an error saying the presentation is unavailable.