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HOW TO: Download and Watch a Publish To Go Package

As a student enrolled in a Canvas course, your instructor may opt to allow you to download a copy of a Mediasite presentation for offline viewing using a "Publish To Go" package. A Publish To Go package is a portable version of a Mediasite presentation you can view without being connected to a network, delivered as a .zip archive file. The .zip file contains all of the rich media and player components necessary to watch a presentation locally on your computer and enables the same viewing experience as though you were watching it online.

Download a Publish To Go Package

  1. In your Canvas course, navigate to the page containing the Mediasite catalog of videos where the Mediasite presentation can be downloaded.

    Canvas page containing Mediasite catalog

  2. Under the presentation title of the video you wish to download, click "Download" and then choose "Publish To Go"

    Download and Publish To Go options

    Note: If you do not see these options, your instructor has not enabled Publish To Go delivery for the Mediasite presentation and you will not be able to download it.

  3. If the Publish To Go package for a particular presentation has not been created yet by the server or if it has expired, click the "Submit" button to start the creation process.

    Submit button

    The package may take several minutes to be prepared. If you do not wish to wait, you may close the dialog box, and Mediasite will continue preparing the download behind the scenes, but there will be no notification when the creation process completes, so you must remember to return to the page by clicking the "Download" option again and choosing "Publish To Go."

    Package being prepared

  4. When the download is ready, the dialog box will display a "Download" button. Click the "Download" button to download the .zip file to your computer.

    Download button

Watch a Presentation from a Publish To Go Package

  1. Locate the Publish To Go .zip file on your computer and extract (decompress/unzip) its contents

    Windows: Right-click on the .zip file, choose "Extract All..." and follow the prompts

    MacOS: Double-click the .zip file. The files will automatically extract to a folder

  2. From the extracted files, double-click "Default.html" to open your web browser and begin playing the presentation

Please note: You cannot play back a Publish To Go presentation without first extracting its files from the .zip archive (Step 1).