HOW TO: Capture your desktop using Mediasite Mosaic

The Mediasite platform offers software you can use to capture your computer's desktop, webcam and microphone. Once a recording is made, it is automatically uploaded to Mediasite. The Mediasite Mosaic software is offered for free to K-Staters.

Note: The previous desktop capture called Mediasite Desktop Recorder has been retired and is no longer supported. Use Mediasite Mosaic instead.

Install the free Mediasite Mosaic software

Install Mediasite Mosaic for Windows

Install Mediasite Mosaic for macOS

Create a new recording in Mediasite Mosaic

Record a new Mediasite presentation in Mediasite Mosaic for Windows

Record a new Mediasite presentation in Mediasite Mosaic for macOS

After you have finished recording

Once you have finished recording and select Finish, your recording will be automatically uploaded to Mediasite. Once processing is complete, your recording will be available in your My Mediasite portal. Review the finished recording, and if you approve, be sure to set the visibility from Private to Viewable before you share it with others.

For more information about how to use Mediasite Mosaic, please see the official Mediasite Mosaic product documentation.