HOW TO: Accommodate poor/problematic internet connections

Mediasite requires a broadband internet connection capable of downloading at least 4 Mbps (10 Mbps or greater is recommended) in order to view most Mediasite presentations without excessive pauses/buffering. If a student reports they are unable to watch a presentation, please ask them to review the playback troubleshooting information:

Troubleshoot playback of Mediasite presentations

The K-State IT Service Desk can help students troubleshoot connectivity issues should the above measures prove unsuccessful.

If students still have issues playing back Mediasite presentations due to a poor or problematic network environment, you may consider allowing students to download your Mediasite content for offline viewing.

While this may seem like a convenient option, please bear in mind that once your content has been downloaded, you can no longer control how that content is treated or distributed by the person who downloaded it. This option also carries implications for content subject to intellectual property restrictions that may legally prohibit others from downloading a copy of the content. Please bear these considerations in mind when deciding if you will allow students to download your Mediasite content.

Allow students to download Mediasite presentations