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Office of the Registrar

Office of the Registrar
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Assignment of Courses

Students are responsible for fulfilling all requirements of the curriculum in which they are enrolled. They should consult with their advisors and be familiar with the K-State Catalogs.

catalog is provided on the web and is maintained by the Office of the Registrar.

No student is officially enrolled in courses or for private lessons in music or other subjects until a formal course assignment is completed.


An undergraduate student has an enrollment cap of 21 units in a term. To add additional units beyond the cap, a student must consult with the appropriate dean's office.

A student will be considered full-time for fall and spring terms if she or he is enrolled in 12 or more term units and for summer if enrolled in at least 9 term units.


No more than 16 units, including those obtained in research, may be assigned in a single term, nor more than 9 units during the summer term. If a part of the assignment is for undergraduate credit, a student may be assigned to 17 units during a term or 10 units during the summer term. Full-time staff members of the university may not be assigned to more than 6 units in one term, nor more than 3 units in a summer term, and may enroll only with the permission of their supervisors. (See section on assistantships and fellowships for limitations applying to students holding assistantships.) These limitations apply to courses audited as well as courses for which credit is earned.

Course schedule changes processed after deadlines must be accompanied by the approval of the student's advisor, the instructors, and the dean of the Graduate School.

All graduate students who have matriculated at Kansas State University and are using faculty time and/or university facilities for research or other academic pursuits must be enrolled. The enrollment should reflect, as accurately as possible, the demands made on faculty time and use made of university facilities. Further, a graduate degree candidate must be enrolled during the term in which the requirements for a degree are completed.

A student working for the Ph.D. must enroll during the term in which the preliminary examination is taken and subsequently in each term (summer terms excepted) until the degree requirements are satisfied and the dissertation is accepted by the Graduate School. Failure to enroll will result in a loss of candidacy. To regain candidacy, the student will be re-examined over the areas covered in his or her preliminary examinations in a manner to be determined by the supervisory committee.

If it is necessary to interrupt progress toward the degree after the preliminary examination has been passed, then the student (or the major professor) may petition for a leave of absence for up to one year which subsequently may be renewed. Renewals for those who are meeting a military service requirement will be automatic. The petition must be submitted at least one month before the effective date of leave. Approval must be granted by the major professor, chair of the department or graduate program, and the dean of the Graduate School.

Upon written notification, doctoral candidates, who have passed preliminary examinations and do not live in a 30-mile radius of Manhattan, may request the Graduate School to send enrollment information prior to an enrollment period. Candidates may then enroll themselves through the K-State Student Information System (KSIS).