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Office of the Registrar

Office of the Registrar
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Academic Standing

University Handbook, F100-103

Academic Warning/Dismissal Policy

Total units, including Pre-Academic Fresh Start, transfer work accepted, K-State resident graded units attempted and miscellaneous units completed establish the level for academic warning and dismissal calculation. However, transfer units and grades are not computed in K-State grade point averages.

Academic Warning
  • Students who earn less than a 2.00 K-State term or cumulative GPA will be placed on academic warning
  • Students are automatically taken off an academic warning when the K-State cumulative grade point average reaches the required level (2.00) in Spring or Fall end-of-term grade posting.

Undergraduate students (excluding students in the College of Veterinary Medicine) are placed on academic dismissal or removed from it as follows:

  1. Credit hours used to determine the appropriate threshold will include a maximum of 60 hours of transfer credit hours accepted, Kansas State University graded credit hours, and miscellaneous credit hours completed. 
  2. Credit hours used in calculating semester and cumulative grade point averages will include only Kansas State University graded credit hours. Grades for courses accepted in transfer from another institution will not be used in the grade point average calculation.
  3. Students with a cumulative GPA of 1.0 or greater will not be dismissed until they have accumulated at least 20 semester credit hours as defined in 1) above. (Exception: A student who earns less than a 1.0 semester GPA in his or her first semester at Kansas State University will be dismissed.)
  4. Students must be on academic warning the semester prior to dismissal. (Exception: A student who earns less than a 1.0 semester GPA in his or her first semester at K-State will be dismissed.)
  5. Students will be academically dismissed if their Kansas State University cumulative GPA is below the following threshold values:

    Total hours accumulated*/Kansas State University GPA
    greater than 105/2.00

    *Defined in Item 1 above

  6. Students who earn a Kansas State University semester GPA, excluding transfer credit, of 2.200 or more on 12 or more graded hours (or the minimum grade point average established by the student's college, if higher) during the semester in question will not be dismissed.
  7. Students who neglect their academic responsibilities may be dismissed at any time on the recommendation of the academic dean.
  8. Dismissed students will be readmitted only when approved for reinstatement by the Academic Standards Committee of the college the students are attempting to enter. Normally students must wait at least two semesters before being considered for reinstatement and are on academic warning at the time of readmission.
  9. Students who have been dismissed or have had their registration withheld will receive a letter providing a contact person and information about reinstatement or registration procedures.
  10. In such instances where an undergraduate student is dismissed from the university and is subsequently admitted into a Kansas State University graduate program, graduate program admission supersedes the need for a student to complete the undergraduate reinstatement process.  Such students may be admitted to degree-seeking undergraduate programs without the consent of the Academic Standards Committee.

Readmission procedures for graduate students are described in the Graduate Handbook Appendix C.

Reinstatement Policy

Normally a student must wait at least two terms before being considered for reinstatement.

A dismissed student will be readmitted only when approved for reinstatement by the academic standards committee of the college the student is attempting to enter; the application for reinstatement must be directed to the academic standards committee.

Students who earn a term grade point average of at least 2.00 but less than 2.20 on 12 or more credits during the term they are dismissed can be considered for immediate reinstatement.