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Human Resources

Administrative Furlough Plans - FY21

Division of Communications and Marketing

Cost Savings Target for the Administrative Furlough Plan


Impact to Mission and/or Operations

We are delaying filling an open position to reduce our administrative furlough requirement to no more than 5 days per staff member. During the several months period this position must remain vacant, we will have reduced crisis communication and "K-State Today" production capacity. In addition, we have reduced our operating budget by $35,000. This operational reduction will reduce or negate our ability to support any initiatives outside our core mission, replace obsolete office/studio equipment and allow for staff professional development opportunities in FY21.

Utilization of Salary Tiers

The table below summarizes our proposed use of salary tiers and the distribution of FTE within those tiers.

SALARY TIERSTotal # of DAYSTotal #
of FTE
  12 Mo EEs9 Mo EEs
200,000+ 000
Effective Dates

Proposed Administrative Furlough Begin Date: 9/13/2020
Proposed Administrative Furlough End Date: 5/22/2021

Furlough Deployment

Furloughs will consist of one full week (five working days) for each furloughed employee, staggered over the FY to minimize impact on our ability to complete our mission. 

Employees Exempted from Administrative Furlough

The following employees have been exempted from administrative furloughs:

  • Vice President– 10% leadership pay reduction for FY21
  • Employee who resigned eff. 7/2/20