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Job Families

A job family is a group of jobs involving similar types of work and requiring similar training, skills, knowledge, and expertise.  Job families create opportunities for career growth by showing the progression from one level of job to another within the discipline.

Job FamilyDescription
Academic Student ServicesPositions in this family provide direction and support to enhance the academic environment for students, parents and faculty.
Administrative & ManagerialPositions in this family provide vision, direction and organization for activities and services at the university.
Administrative SupportPositions in this family involve activities related to administrative and support services for individuals, groups, offices or departments.
Agriculture & ExtensionPositions in this family perform agricultural operations and maintenance activities, and advise, consult and educate others on farming and agriculture.
Animal HealthPositions in this family perform a range of services in animal health care, research animal care and animal diagnostic lab services. Provides management, operation, and/or maintenance of related facilities.
Aviation/Engineering TechnologyPositions in this family perform duties related to the piloting, maintenance and navigation of aircraft or unmanned aerial systems; or provide engineering expertise, guidance, and technical assistance.
Business & Finance ServicesPositions in this family establish, maintain, and support fiscal, business, and accounting policies.
Child & Youth Education DevelopmentPositions in this family provide childcare services.
Communications/MarketingPositions in this family promote the university and its services to multiple internal and external constituencies through a variety of media.
Environmental Health & SafetyPositions in this family design, develop, implement and oversee the organization's environmental health and safety programs and procedures to safeguard employees and surrounding communities, and to ensure that all facilities are in compliance with regulations.
Grants & ContractsPositions in this family support the activities of researchers across the university, facilitate funding with external partners while assuring proper stewardship of funds, and ensure adherence to research-related rules and policies.
HospitalityPositions in this family provide services to ensure the comfort of staff, faculty, students, alumni, researchers, and visitors of the university.
Human ResourcesPositions in this family perform activities supporting staffing and talent needs, management of compensation and benefits programs, administration of performance and career development programs, employee relations, and institutional equity.
Information TechnologyPositions in this family develop, maintain and support computer systems, software and networks. Provides user support and training.
Legal & CompliancePositions in this family ensure university compliance with all laws and regulations.
LibraryPositions in this family are responsible for the general care and storage of library objects for university and community use.
Mental & Physical HealthPositions in this family provide support or direct patient care for both the physical and mental health of students.
Museum/TheatrePositions in this family provide direction and support for museum and cultural arts administration, exhibits, programs and productions.
Physical InfrastructurePositions in this family provide services, maintenance, support and management of campus facilities, grounds, transportation, postal services and other general operations.
Program & ProjectPositions in this family plan, monitor and manage internal programs and projects. Secures required resources, and uses formal processes and tools to manage resources, budgets, risks and changes. Monitors performance metrics and other factors throughout program or project duration.
ResearchPositions in this family support, facilitate or participate in research. 
Safety & Security ServicesPositions in this family perform a variety of activities to ensure the security and safety of students, the campus and its facilities.
TemporaryPositions in this family perform clerical, professional or technical work for the university on a temporary basis.