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Human Resources

HRIS and Web Help

Human Resource Information System (HRIS) Browsers

Employee Self Service/HRIS works best with Internet Explorer (10, 9, 8, 7), Mozilla Firefox (7, 3.6), Google Chrome (13), or Safari (6, 5, 4.3.3, 4, 3).  Please note that IE 7 and IE 9 may require compatibility settings to be turned on. IE 10 is only certified with Windows 8.  If a browser does not perform a desired function, try a different browser.

If you want to update your existing browser, select one of the following download sites for the most recent version:

Common Browser Issues
  • If HRIS is slow to respond, the browser cache files may need to be cleared (videos from the IT Help Desk):
  • HRIS may require that you allow pop-ups:
    • When on a page that has a pop-up, you may see the information bar notifying you that a pop-up has been blocked, click on this bar, and choose 'Always Allow Pop-ups from This Site'

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is free for all K-Staters, and can be installed on up to five PCs or Macs, five tablets, and five phones.  

If you require a viewer that is not located on this page but is required to view media or a file found on our site please contact HR. The following links are to the websites of the companies who produce the software, there are no third party links.

Download the converter needed for Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)

PDF Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it that I cannot open the PDF document?

Do you have the Adobe Reader or the Adobe Acrobat full version installed on your computer? If not, you need to download the free Adobe Reader.

You may have too many pages cached in your browser. Have you deleted your cache files lately?

I typed text into a text area (multi-line textbox) and not all of the text shows on the page when I view it online or print it.

You have entered more text than the spaces allows. The PDF version of the forms will not move to accommodate more text than there is room for in the textarea.

Your alternatives are to either copy and paste the excess text to a blank page or to use one of the other versions (.doc or .rtf) which will extend the textarea as you type more than will fit into the given area. Using one of the other versions will allow you to save the form after completion. A disadvantage of using these other versions is that as the textarea extends with the additional text, the other elements on the form will move. You can either submit blank pages with the extra text or delete unused spaces from other textareas to make up for the increased length.

Why is it that I see a drop-down box on some of the PDF form boxes?

These allow you to click on the arrow and show the selection options for that box.

Why is it that I see a scroll bar in the text box on the form?

The text box has been designated as multiline. If this text box is not large enough for multiple lines, then the designation was incorrect and we need to correct the form. Call Diana McElwain at (785) 532-1874 or e-mail at dedmonds@ksu.edu to report the problem.

I can see text on the PDF form, but it will not print. What is wrong?

Make sure when you select print, that you look for 'Print What' and choose either 'document and comments' or 'document and markups'.

Why is it that I cannot enter data into the form?

If this form is linked from our website, then the form likely should be enterable online. Call Diana McElwain at (785) 532-1874 or e-mail at dedmonds@ksu.edu to report the problem.

If this form is linked from another website, then we do not own the form and cannot make it enterable.