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Making a Payment

Now that you have considered the issues pointed out in the Procurement and Vendor Relations links, and the services have been performed or goods received, it's time to make payment.

There are several policies and procedures to consider when making payment and initiating the accounting entry that will post to FIS. Please visit our Section's sites for a full list of policies and procedural guidance.

However, the additional information that follows is offered as a quick link to payment circumstances that often require further consideration.


Independent Contractor or Employee?

Determining whether your relationship with a service provider should be classified as an independent contractor or an employee is an important exercise that must occur before services are performed in order to ensure proper tax withholding and reporting. Please check out http://www.k-state.edu/finsvcs/accountspayable/employeevsic.html for additional information when considering whether you are establishing an employment or independent contractor relationship.


Making a Payment to a Research Participant?

Paid research participants are frequently engaged by Kansas State University to test products and to complete surveys and questionnaires. As in other instances of agreements with paid experts this activity results in questions concerning vendor relations, tax reporting, and in this case occasionally the available methods for small dollar payment. In order to facilitate a successful payment in these instances please review http://www.k-state.edu/policies/ppm/6300/6320.html#.90 prior to engaging research participants.


What if I'm working with an international partner?

As Kansas State University grows internationally we have new opportunities to work with parties oversees and with foreign nationals, who performs services for us in the United States.  Due to increased federal reporting responsibilities in this area, it is extremely important that information concerning the payee is gathered early. The Division of Financial Services can help explain Accounts Payable procedures with international partners, and has provided guidance and an FAQ site under Payment to Foreign Nationals noted under the Accounts Payable section in the left hand menu, http://www.k-state.edu/finsvcs/accountspayable/paymentstoforeignnationals.html.


Departmentally Sponsored Student Tuition

Questions frequently surface concerning a department's ability to pay the educational costs of students associated with their department. Our Division's guidance will depend upon the relationship of the student to the department, the presence of a service/work requirement, and the source of funding intended for use. In an effort to help departments navigate through these questions and determine the best course of action for their circumstances the form Scholarships/Stipends/Participants Payment Using Object Codes E56XX is offered under the E-Forms "all forms" list. Please review that form and contact our office at 532-6202 if you have questions.


Are you hosting an official University Event?

Perhaps participant fees have been collected by your department or on your behalf by the Division of Continuing Education, and the costs of the events are offset by those fees. If participant fees were not collected but there were costs incurred for meals, gifts or entertainment, please visit http://www.k-state.edu/policies/ppm/3000/3050.html prior to organizing the event to ensure that State funds will be approved to support the event.


Returning home from business travel?

The Division of Financial Services understands that timely reimbursement for business travel costs is important to you. In an effort to keep you informed of the parameters of reimbursable business travel and to help you avoid even temporarily incurring many of the costs of travel we would like to offer the guidance found at http://www.k-state.edu/finsvcs/accountspayable/travel.html Please remember that some of the more burdensome expenses of travel can be paid through your department's business procurement card. There are lots of great tips offered at http://www.k-state.edu/finsvcs/accountspayable/FAQs.html for your convenience.

Still have questions? Please contact our office at 532-6202 concerning our State contracts with Short's Travel Agency or Hertz Rental Car, BPC travel payment options, or travel costs deemed reimbursable by the State of Kansas.


Just put it on my card!

In many cases payment for equipment, supplies, and business travel can be charged to the University's business procurement card program. Purchases are processed immediately taking pressure off of our vendor partners, our support staff and our business travelers. Although K-State does a great job of utilizing our BPCs, there are many, many more instances where payment transactions could occur more quickly.

Curious? Please check out http://www.k-state.edu/finsvcs/accountspayable/FAQs.html for frequently asked BPC questions or http://www.k-state.edu/finsvcs/accountspayable/bpcforms.html for a full overview of BPC policies and procedures.


Have a document in E-Forms that you need to approve for payment?

Please visit https://eforms.ksu.edu:8080/eforms//eformsMenu.aspx?sm=f and log-in to E-Forms to ensure that payments for which you are an E-Form Trustee are current.

Want a refresher on E-Forms document processing? Please contact our office at 532-6202.