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Division of Financial Services

General Accounting
Unger Complex
2323 Anderson Avenue
Suite 500
Manhattan, KS 66502

785-532-5577 fax

Forms & Templates

Accounting Signature Authority

Signature Authority

Asset Management

Department Equipment Inventory Form and Agreement

Corrections to Inventory Property Records DA-83

Disposition of Property DA-110

Fixed Asset Additions Template

Inventory of Consumable Supplies

Transfer of Fixed Assets

University Procurement Card Documents

BPC Account Action Request

BPC Cardholder Agreement

BPC Cardholder Dispute

SET Account Action Request

Change Fund

Change Fund Reconciliation DA-75

Change Fund Maintenance DA-74

Change Fund Long/Short DA-76

Encumbrance Forms

Encumbrance Form

Encumbrance Correction


Agreement For Reimbursement of Moving Expense DA-22

Personal Injury or Property Damage or Loss Claim

Miscellaneous Claim Form

Payment Vouchers

Agency Payment Voucher

Allocated Budget Transfer 

BPC Payment Voucher

Interfund Payment Voucher

Non-Allocated Funds Transfer

Transfer of Payments

Travel Payment Voucher

Travel Forms

Foreign Travel Per Diem Calculator

Request for Actual Conference Lodging

Request for Out of State Travel

Subsistence Extension Request DA-34

Travel Cost Comparison Worksheet

Vendor Forms

IRS Form 8233

IRS Form W-4

IRS Form W-7

IRS Form W-9



Authorization for Electronic Deposit of Vendor Payment DA-130

Cancellation of Electronic Deposit of Vendor Payment DA-130C

Certification of US Tax Return Filing

Employee vs Independent Contractor

Lost Check Statement DA-06

Warrant Cancellation

Warrant Cancellation and Re-issuance Request

Warrant Cancellation and Re-issuance Request (Local Banks)

Wire Documents

Domestic Wire Request

Foreign Wire Request