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Division of Financial Services

Division of Financial Services
Kansas State University
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Division of Financial Services

The Division of Financial Services has adjusted business processes to provide ease of access for business continuity. Details are provided below

Purchasing Guidelines

PPE Vendor Information  eID & password required

Emergency Purchasing Protocols have been implemented for purchases related to responding to COVID-19. Purchases related to facilitate the acquisition of goods and services needed to implement continuity plans are considered to have prior authorization and may proceed without following standard competitive bidding processes. Please notify Purchasing by emailing kspurch@k-state.edu of the procurement action related to COVID-19. 

To be clear, contract review procedures through the Office of General Counsel are still required and the Purchasing Office is available to assist in that process. Please email the contract to kspurch@k-state.edu with the completed contract checklist. Please note on the checklist that the contract is related to COVID-19.

Procurement actions unrelated to the COVID-19 response should follow normal procurement procedures. 

Payment Document Submission

Electronic Submission Processes  eID & password required

If unable to utilize electronic processing, hard copy documents will still be accepted. Please be aware of university mail processes and limited General Accounting staff on-site availability.

Business Procurement Card

To best facilitate payments to vendors, unit financial liaisons should utilize the University Business Procurement Card whenever possible. Additional information on how to temporarily increase credit limits to facilitate purchases and guidelines on how to prioritize submission of documents electronically may be found in the Electronic Document Submission link above. As the situation evolves, the Division of Financial Services will continue to review and update processes to facilitate financial operations.

Expenditure Tracking

A “flag” has been instituted for units to use when paying for costs associated with COVID-19 preparations and ramifications, as well as unanticipated travel costs. The use of this flag will help track the financial impact. The below flag is available in eForms for use across all types of payment documents.

"Expenditures are associated with novel coronavirus (COVID-19)."

Understanding that we are working in a very fluid environment that is continually changing, we will continue to revisit our policies/procedures to determine what may need to be improved or revised in order for units to continue operations. 

Travel Cancellations and Reimbursements

Travelers (or designated travel liaisons) need to work with travel vendors to seek a refund for expenses associated with canceled travel.

If a refund cannot be obtained due to cancellation requirements from the vendor, the traveler (or liaison) should submit a statement with the reimbursement explaining why the travel was canceled, evidence that a refund was sought but denied, confirmation that any credits received towards future travel will be used for KSU business, and signature approval from the unit head to reimburse these expenses. These procedures are applicable for grant funded travel except for situations where credits are received for future travel. If a credit is received, it must be transferred off the grant. At a later date, if the credit is used in conjunction with grant related travel, the charge may be transferred to the applicable grant.    

Unit heads, or their designee, will be responsible for tracking travel credits and insuring that they are used towards future business travel expenses.

Additional Costs

Cell Phone Purchases

  • Phones with cancellable monthly plans may be purchased to allow greater flexibility for staff to respond while off site. All use of such phones should be for business purpose.

Cell Phone Usage

  • If a cell phone stipend is included in the employee’s contract, then no additional reimbursement is needed.
  • Otherwise, only reimburse costs that would not have been incurred if the business use was not present. This could include need for increased data plan or apps to enable better phone reception. 
    • Employee would have to document the increased costs by providing their cell phone bill and showing evidence of increased cost.


Customer/Student Refunds

All credit card payment refunds to non-students must be refunded through the credit card process. If you are unable to process a refund through your own merchant terminal, contact Frank Tortella at tortella@ksu.edu.


The Division of Financial Services monitors overdrafts on university accounts. Regardless of an account balance, payroll will always process and be paid. However, for the payment of goods and services, payments are prevented on accounts that have been in overdraft in excess of three months unless a letter of request for exemption to the policy is on file. 

If you require a hold to be lifted from an account, please email the full account number (Project, Fund Source, Organization) to Angela Nabors and the Division of Financial Services will review your exemption request.

Asset Management

As we transition to temporary telecommuting, there will be the need to take university property off campus to facilitate critical work. You should utilize the HCS agreement to use KSU properties off campus to keep track of any equipment checked out by your staff members to maintain continuity of operations, including but not limited to computers, back-up drives, etc. If needed, you may utilize an alternative form of tracking to ensure the safeguarding of your assets. All forms utilized for tracking should be maintained in the department. Items purchased or reimbursed with university funds to facilitate off-site work will be considered Kansas State University property and should be tracked and ultimately returned to campus.