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Division of Financial Services

General Accounting
Unger Complex
2323 Anderson Avenue
Suite 500
Manhattan, KS 66502

785-532-5577 fax

Business Procurement Card

BPC Forms/Manuals

BPC Policies And Procedures Manual - Updated 11/23/2016

BPC Excluded Purchases - Appendix 1

BPC Account Action Request Form (Application And Account Changes) - Appendix 2

BPC Dispute Form - Appendix 3

BPC Cardholder Agreement  - Appendix 4

SET Card Program - Appendix 5

SET Card Cardholder Agreement - Appendix 6

Types of BPCs

BPC Cardholder Training


Cardless Account/Ghost Account



Enhanced Lodging

Online Account Access Information

BPC Online Account Access

How to Create a BPC Payment Voucher

BPC Eforms Instructions

Policy and Procedures Manual

Chapter 6320 - Document Completion Procedures

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