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Education Tax Credits


IRS Information about Educational Tax Credits

Publication 970, Tax Benefits for Education – For an explanation of all the federal tax benefits that help pay for College.

IRS Form 8863, Education Credits – (pdf) This is the form you need to file with your 1040.  Instructions are included.

FAQ Tax Questions & Answers – The IRS has this online webpage which you may wish to review. Be sure to see the section about “7.4 Child Care Credit/Other Credits: Hope & Life Time Learning Educational Credits”.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Kansas State University need my Social Security Number? 

KSU is required annually by the IRS to report qualified tuition and related expenses associated with your enrollment here. This information is reported both to you and to the IRS on Form 1098-T.  In order for us to prepare the forms correctly, Federal Law requires you to furnish us with your correct taxpayer identification number. This will be your Social Security Number unless you are unable to obtain a SSN.  Failure to furnish a correct Social Security Number may result in the IRS assessing you a $50 penalty.


Is there a way I can submit my Social Security Number from within KSIS? 

Yes there is!  **NEW!!!** 

How to provide your SSN:

Go to KSIS: https://ksis.ksu.edu

Login using your K-State eID and password

Select Self Service from the left side navigation menu

Select Campus Personal Information

Select Enter SSN or ITIN number

Enter your SSN number

Confirm the number is correct

Select Submit

You will receive a confirmation message that your SSN has been received and any enrollment holds that may have been placed on your account because this information was missing will be lifted

Log out of KSIS.

Additional information can be found at the  KSIS help page.


What if the Social Security Number in KSIS is incorrect? 

Changes to Social Security Numbers need to be made thru the Registrar’s Office. You will need to provide a photo ID and your Social Security card.  Please contact the Registrar’s Office directly in 118 Anderson Hall, by emailing at registrar@ksu.edu or by calling (785)532-6254.


How do I get a 1098-T?

Kansas State University is happy to announce that K-State Students now have the option to receive their 1098T’s in one of two ways:

Student Access

1. Immediate Online Access – Students can grant authorization to receive their 1098T online through Student Center within KSIS. Students should go to the front page of Student Center and go to the drop down box where the default states “other financial…”. Click on the down arrow to open the drop down list and select “1098T Tax Information”.  Follow the instructions to grant your consent to view your information online immediately. 

2. Mailed 1098T – Students may also choose to decline the electronic version of the 1098T as the primary means of form delivery.  If so they will receive a paper copy of their 1098T delivered to the Student’s KSIS Permanent address.  Paper 1098T’s will be mailed on or before January 31st.  After KSU has fulfilled it’s obligation to mail the required 1098T, electronic access will be available to all students.

Designated Access

Parents whose students have set them up with Designated Access will have access to view their students’ 1098T online in their Designee Center AFTER that student has granted electronic delivery or after 1098T’s have been mailed as required.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at cashiers@ksu.edu.


I no longer have access to KSIS to get my 1098-T?  How can I regain access?

If you need to regain access to KSIS, you will need to contact the IT Help desk at (785)532-7722 or helpdesk@k-state.edu .


Why is the “Payment Received” box blank on my 1098-T?

Institutions are required to report either payments received for qualified charges or the amounts billed for qualified charges.  Since KSU can not always identify payments on your student account, it is not possible to accurately report amounts paid just for eligible charges.  Therefore, we report amounts billed to your student account for the calendar year.  You should use your personal records to determine the amounts you actually paid towards the qualified charges that are reported on the 1098-T.  We have provided a link to your account transactions labeled “View Transaction Detail”,  on the same page where you would view and/or print 1098T’s (see “How do I get a 1098-T” above). 


Can the Cashiers Office help me with my taxes? 

No KSU employee may give tax advice.  Please consult with a qualified tax preparer.


As the parent, I need the 1098-T. How can I get that form?

If your student has set you up as for Designated Access, you can view and/or print from within the Designee Center.  If you student hasn’t set you up with Designated Access, follow this link to get additional information. It makes doing business at K-State much easier!  If not, you will need to work with your student to get the necessary forms and information.  They can log into their student account and print the necessary forms and backup documentation.