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Division of Financial Services

Kansas State University
Unger Complex
2323 Anderson Ave.
Suite 500
Manhattan, KS 66502

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Listed below are items currently on Kansas State University approved contracts or available from the State Use Catalog (Blind & Severely Disabled Made Products). These items are to be purchased from the appropriate sources, e.g. contract vendor, KSU department, or state agency. Purchases of contract items from sources other than these listed may become the personal responsibility of the individual authorizing the purchase. Information on any of the contract items are available in the KSU Purchasing Office, 2323 Anderson Ave., Suite 500, (785) 532-6214, kspurch@k-state.edu. 

Refer to Policies and Procedures Manual for information on the appropriate purchasing procedure for items not covered by established contracts.

Required Purchases from State Use Vendors

Cartridge King: Toner Cartridges

Envision: Writing Utensils, Plastic Bags, Soaps & Sanitizers, Cleaning Towels, Biohazard Clean-Up Kits

KETCH: Binders, Air Filters

Items available directly from the vendors, the State Use website (http://www.ksstateuse.org) or the Staples Advantage website (http://www.staplesadvantage.com).

Other Sources

K-State Software Licenses

State Use Catalog

Kansas Correctional Industries

K-State Surplus Property

State of Kansas Surplus Property

Federal Surplus Property


If you are installing modular furniture, buying carpet, painting, etc., you must get a waiver from Facilities in order to proceed. Email Mark Loberg and explain why you cannot use Facilities.

If you are needing printing services, you must get a waiver from University Printing in order to proceed. Email Rob Nixon and explain why you cannot use University Printing.



Asbestos, Analytical Svcs40405Schneider Lab Global, Inc.(contact Facilities)8/31/2019
Auctioneering Svcs-OnlineSOK42014Purple Wave Auction10/31/2021
Audio Visual Equipment, SvcSOK42597Midwest Presentation Inc. (DBA CCS Presentation Systems)1/30/2022
Audio Visual Equipment, SvcSOK42599Cytek Media Systems1/30/2022
Audio Visual Equipment, SvcSOK42601Mission Electronics Inc.1/30/2022
Audio Visual Equipment, SvcSOK42602McClelland Sound Inc.1/30/2022
Audio Visual Equipment, SvcSOK42603Kansas City Audio Visual1/30/2022
Audio Visual Equipment, SvcSOK42604Conference Technologies Inc.1/30/2022
Audio Visual Equipment, SvcSOK42598SKC Communication Products LLC1/30/2022
Audio Visual Telecommunications, et alCNR01317SKC Communication Products, LlC9/30/2020
Automotive SuppliesSOK41321Napa of Manhattan3/31/2021
Automotive SuppliesSOK41327Carquest Auto Parts / Advance Auto Parts3/31/2021
Automotive SuppliesSOK41331O'Reilly Auto Parts3/31/2021
Bags, Plastic (State Use)SOK33942Envision6/30/2018
Banking, State FundSOK37834Commerce Bank3/31/2018
Batteries, VehicleSOK41073Standard Battery Inc.12/31/2021
Binders (State Use)SOK33944KETCH6/30/2018
Binding Svc, Library31732892HF Group/Houchen Bindery12/31/2017
Biohazard Clean-Up Kit (State Use)SOK33942Envision6/30/2018
Cellular SvcsSOK12344Verizon Wireless 12/2/2018
Cellular SvcsSOK12344AT&T Mobility II LLC6/30/2019
Cellular SvcsSOK12344Sprint Solutions Inc.6/30/2019
Cellular SvcsSOK12344T-Mobile6/30/2019
Chemicals, Agricultural40510Wilbur Ellis company, LLC4/30/2018
Clothing - Uniforms & Towels40400Cintas3/31/2019
Clothing & Various Apparel40519Ballyhoo Inc. - dba Sunflower Marketing6/30/2018
Collection Agency SvcSOK40408Enterprise Recovery Systems Inc.6/30/2020
Collection Agency SvcSOK40409Account Control Technology Inc.6/30/2020
Collection Agency SvcSOK40410Credit World Svcs6/30/2020
Collection Agency SvcSOK40411National Credit Management6/30/2020
Collection Agency SvcSOK40412General Revenue Corporation6/30/2020
Computer Equipment, CDW LLC - BZSOK40399CDW LLC (Band 4 & Band 5)3/31/2020
Computer Equipment, CDW LLC -AZSOK40399CDW LLC (Band 1 thru Band 3)3/31/2020
Computer Equipment, Hewlett Packard AASOK40399HP Inc. (Band 1 thru Band 3)3/31/2020
Computer Equipment, Hewlett Packard ABSOK40399Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company (Band 4 & Band 5)3/31/2020
Computer Equipment, LenovoSOK40402Lenovo Inc.3/31/2020
Computer Equipment, LenovoSOK40402CDW LLC3/31/2020
Computer Equipment, LenovoSOK40402SHI International Corporation3/31/2020
Computer Equipment, MicrosoftSOK40395Microsoft Corporation3/31/2020
Computer Equipment, TGS-AYSOK40399Technology Group Solutions, LLC (Band 1 thru Band 3)3/31/2020
Computer Equipment, TGS-BYSOK40399Technology Group Solutions, LLC (Band 4 & Band 5)3/31/2020
Computer, AppleSOK40398Apple Computer3/31/2020
Computer, DellSOK40400Dell Marketing3/31/2020
Computer, Hardware/Software, Sun MicrosystemsSOK11501Open Technologies Inc.In Process
Computer, Hardware/Software, Sun MicrosystemsSOK11501Oracle AmericaIn Process
Computer, Hardware/Software, Sun MicrosystemsSOK11501World Wide Technology Inc.In Process
Computer, LenovoSOK40402Shi International Corporation3/31/2020
Computer, MicrotechSOK33233Microtech Computers9/30/2017
Consulting Network Services40270Coalfire Systems, Inc.10/31/2021
Consulting, Executive Search Svc (On-Call)40325EFL Associates10/31/2017
Consulting, Executive Search Svc (On-Call)40325Greenwood/Ashner & Associates10/31/2017
Consulting, Executive Search Svc (On-Call)40325Harris Search Associates10/31/2017
Consulting, Executive Search Svc (On-Call)40325Korn/Ferry International10/31/2017
Consulting, Executive Search Svc (On-Call)40325Parker Executive Search10/31/2017
Consulting, Executive Search Svc (On-Call)40325PrincetonOne10/31/2017
Consulting, Executive Search Svc (On-Call)40325Storbeck/Pimentel & Associates10/31/2017
Consulting, Executive Search Svc (On-Call)40325Witt/Kieffer10/31/2017
CopiersSOK12156Canon Solutions America (formerly Oce)10/31/2017
CopiersSOK12156Century Business Technologies10/31/2017
Credit Card, Acceptance ProgramSOK36595Bank of America2/29/2017
Credit Card, BPCSOK09999UMB Bank3/31/2022
Credit Card, Vehicle FleetSOK41829Wright Express7/20/2020
Diplomas & Covers40406Herff Jones Inc.11/30/2019
Document Imaging & Indexing (State Use)SOK34025Business Technology Career Opportunities (BTCO)6/30/2018
Document Shredding40388Document Resources (Underground Vaults & Storage)3/31/2019
Doors, Frames, and Hardware40455DH Pace Company, Inc.7/31/2020
Doors, Frames, and Hardware40455Topeka Foundry & Iron Works Company7/31/2020
Electrical SuppliesSOK12741Border States Industries inc. (DBA-Western Extralite Co)7/30/2017
Electrical SuppliesSOK12741Stanion Wholesale Electric Co.7/30/2017
Elevator Maintenance40311ThyssenKrupp (contact Facilities)9/30/2017
Equip. Maint. Mgmt ProgramSOK37107REMI Group1/23/2021
Fac On-Call Asphalt Svcs40436APAC-Kansas, Inc., Shears Division (Contact Facilities)3/31/2018
Fac On-Call Asphalt Svcs40436Shilling Construction Co., Inc. (Contact Facilities) 3/31/2018
Fac On-Call Asphalt Svcs40436Surface Protection Svcs, LLC (SPS) (Contact Facilities)3/31/2018
Fac On-Call Glass Systems40568Binswanger Glass Company (Contact Facilities)3/31/2022
Fac On-Call Glass Systems40568Glass Svcs, Inc. (Contact Facilities) 3/31/2022
Fac On-Call Glass Systems40568DS Glass Shop LLC (Contact Facilities) 3/31/2022
Fac On-Call Glass Systems40568Manko Window Systems Inc. (Contact Facilities) 3/31/2022
Fac On-Call Glass Systems40568Interstate Glass (Contact Facilities) 3/31/2022
Fac On-Call Restoration & Recovery Svcs40472RK Janitorial/Rainbow International of East Central Kansas (Contact Facilities)12/31/2017
Fac On-Call Restoration & Recovery Svcs40472Thorman Enterprises/SERVPRO (Contact Facilities)12/31/2017
Fac On-Call Restoration & Recovery Svcs40472Restore of the Heartland, Inc.  (Contact Facilities)12/31/2017
Fac On-Call Roofing40434Danker Roofing & Siding Inc. (Contact Facilities)3/31/2021
Fac On-Call Roofing40434Gwaltney, Inc. d.b.a. Diamond Roofing (Contact Facilities)3/31/2021
Fac On-Call Roofing40434M & N Watertite Metal Roofing, LLC (Contact Facilities)3/31/2021
Fac On-Call Roofing40434Murphy Roofing Co., LLC (Contact Facilities)3/31/2021
Fac On-Call Roofing40434Roof Mechanics, Inc. (Contact Facilities)3/31/2021
Fac On-Call Roofing40434Ryan Roofing, Inc. (Contact Facilities)3/31/2021
Fac On-Call Roofing40434Washington Roofing & Insulation, Inc. (Contact Facilities)3/31/2021
Fac On-Call Roofing40434Wray Roofing, Inc. (Contact Facilities)3/31/2021
Fac On-Call Stone Restoration, Waterproofing & Cleaning40488BPW Masonry, Inc.  (Contact Facilities)2/28/2019
Fac On-Call Stone Restoration, Waterproofing & Cleaning40488Mid-Continental Restoration Company, Inc.  (Contact Facilities)2/28/2019
Fac On-Call Stone Restoration, Waterproofing & Cleaning40488Restoration & Waterproofing Contractors, Inc.  (Contact Facilities)2/28/2019
Fac On-Call Stone Restoration, Waterproofing & Cleaning40488Restore of the Heartland, Inc.  (Contact Facilities)2/28/2019
Fac On-Call:  Mechanical, Plumbing and HVAC Svcs40487American Boiler & Mechanical (Contact Facilities)12/31/2020
Fac On-Call:  Mechanical, Plumbing and HVAC Svcs40487Callabresi Heating & Cooling (Contact Facilities)12/31/2020
Fac On-Call:  Mechanical, Plumbing and HVAC Svcs40487Central Mechanical Construction Co. (Contact Facilities)12/31/2020
Fac On-Call:  Mechanical, Plumbing and HVAC Svcs40487H & H Contracting Inc. (Contact Facilities)12/31/2020
Fac On-Call:  Mechanical, Plumbing and HVAC Svcs40487Piping Contractors of Kansas (Contact Facilities)12/31/2020
Fac On-Call:  Mechanical, Plumbing and HVAC Svcs40487Superior Plumbing & Heating Co., Inc. (Contact Facilities)12/31/2020
Fac On-Call:  Mechanical, Plumbing and HVAC Svcs40487McElroy's Inc. (Contact Facilities)12/31/2020
Fac On-Call:  Mechanical, Plumbing and HVAC Svcs40487Mid-American Water & Plumbing, Inc. (Contact Facilities)12/31/2020
Fac On-Call: Carpet, Flooring, & Installation40533Floor Perfect, LLC (formerly Tom Rupp Sales-) (contact Facilities)12/31/2019
Fac On-Call: Carpet, Flooring, & Installation40533Image Flooring, LLC12/31/2019
Fac On-Call: Concrete Flatwork Repair & Replacement Svcs40500Creed Construction, Inc. (Contact Facilities)2/29/2020
Fac On-Call: Concrete Flatwork Repair & Replacement Svcs40500Kelley Construction Company, Inc. (Contact Facilities)2/29/2020
Fac On-Call: Concrete Flatwork Repair & Replacement Svcs40500L&S Building Contractors (Contact Facilities)2/29/2020
Fac On-Call: Concrete Flatwork Repair & Replacement Svcs40500VanNahmen Construction, Inc. (Contact Facilities) 2/29/2020
Fac On-Call: Construction40482B.A. Green Construction Co. (Contact Facilities)11/30/2020
Fac On-Call: Construction40482BHS Construction, Inc. (Contact Facilities)11/30/2020
Fac On-Call: Construction40482Carley Construction (Contact Facilities)11/30/2020
Fac On-Call: Construction40482Cutshall Construction, LLC / Jacob Cutshall (Contact Facilities)11/30/2020
Fac On-Call: Construction40482Kelley Construction Company, Inc. (Contact Facilities)11/30/2020
Fac On-Call: Construction40482RF Construction, Inc. (Contact Facilities)11/30/2020
Fac On-Call: Construction40482Riley Construction Company, Inc. (Contact Facilities)11/30/2020
Fac On-Call: Construction40482Trinium, Inc. (Contact Facilities) 11/30/2020
Fac On-Call: Construction40482KBS Constructors, Inc. / Kansas Building Systems(Contact Facilities)11/30/2020
Fac On-Call: Electrical, Telecom, and Data40484DL Smith Electrical Construction Inc. (Contact Facilities)12/31/2020
Fac On-Call: Electrical, Telecom, and Data40484Economy Electric Inc. (Contact Facilities)12/31/2020
Fac On-Call: Electrical, Telecom, and Data40484Electrical Concepts, Inc. (Contact Facilities)12/31/2020
Fac On-Call: Electrical, Telecom, and Data40484Heineken Electric Co., Inc. (Contact Facilities)12/31/2020
Fac On-Call: Electrical, Telecom, and Data40484Precision Electrical Contractor LLC (Contact Facilities) 12/31/2020
Fac On-Call: Electrical, Telecom, and Data40484Torgeson Electric Company (Contact Facilities)12/31/2020
Fac On-Call: Electrical, Telecom, and Data40484V & V Electric (Contact Facilities) 12/31/2020
Fac On-Call: Electrical, Telecom, and Data40484Wichman Electric, LLC (Contact Facilities)12/31/2020
Fac On-Call: Epoxy Floor40475Epoxy Coating Specialists (Contact Facilities)10/31/2020
Fac On-Call: Epoxy Floor40475Treadwell (Contact Facilities)10/31/2020
Fac On-Call: Generator Testing & Repair Svs40369Clifford Power Systems Inc. (Contact Facilities) 1/31/2019
Fac On-Call: Generator Testing & Repair Svs40369Elite Power Svcs Inc. (Contact Facilities)1/31/2019
Fac On-Call: Landscape & Irrigation Svcs40489Blueville Nursery (Contact Facilities)2/29/2018
Fac On-Call: Landscape & Irrigation Svcs40489PrairieStone, Inc. (Contact Facilities)2/29/2018
Fac On-Call: Landscape & Irrigation Svcs40489Rothwell Landscape, Inc. (Contact Facilities)2/29/2018
Fac On-Call: Landscape & Irrigation Svcs40489Turf Design Inc. (Contact Facilities)2/29/2018
Fac On-Call: Moving Ser.40481Coleman American Moving Service, Inc. (Contact Facilities)11/30/2019
Fac On-Call: Moving Ser.40481Kings Moving & Storage Co. (Contact Facilities)11/30/2019
Fac On-Call: Painting40372Falley Painting (Contact Facilities)2/28/2019
Fac On-Call: Painting/Drywall Repair and Replacement40439Gray and Company, Inc. (Contact Facilities)3/31/2019
Fac On-Call: Painting/Drywall Repair and Replacement40439Richard A. Stowe, Inc. (Contact Facilities)3/31/2019
Fac On-Call: Painting/Drywall Repair and Replacement40439Wildcat Painting, Inc. (Contact Facilities)3/31/2019
Filters, Air (State Use)SOK33944KETCH6/30/2018
Financing Svc, Energy SavingsSOK12485Bank of America1/31/2026
Fire Alarms Components40466ACS Electronics (call Housing)7/31/2018
Fire Alarms Components40466Security Equipment Supply, Inc. (SES) (call Housing)7/31/2018
Fire Protection & Safety Protection SvcWSCA-NASPOCall Purchasing 
Fitness EquipmentSOK37720Advanced Healthstyles Fitness Equipment12/31/2018
Food Svc, Prime VendorSOK38864US Food Service Inc.12/31/2018
Furniture, Herman MillerSOK30880Designed Business Interiors3/31/2018
Furniture, Herman MillerSOK30880Herman Miller, Lenexa3/31/2018
Furniture, Office/Library (ABCO Office/Global Industries/HLF)SOK36566Scott Rice Office Works12/31/2017
Furniture, Office/Library (ABCO Office/HLF)SOK36567Scott Rice Office Works12/31/2017
Furniture, Office/Library (Allsteel)SOK36599Modern Business Interiors12/31/2017
Furniture, Office/Library (Herman Miller)SOK36553Designed Business Interiors12/31/2017
Furniture, Office/Library (High Point/Legacy)SOK36554Encompas12/31/2017
Furniture, Office/Library (HON)SOK36563OfficePlus of Kansas (dba The Hon Company)12/31/2017
Furniture, Office/Library (HON/High Point/Jasper Seating/National Office/Teknion)SOK36545BA Designs LLC12/31/2017
Furniture, Office/Library (Legacy)SOK36570Spaces Inc.12/31/2017
Furniture, Office/Library (Residence Hall Furnishings)SOK36516Jasper Seating Company Inc.12/31/2017
Furniture, Office/Library/School/LaboratorySOK36506Allsteel Inc.12/31/2017
Furniture, Office/Library/School/LaboratorySOK36509HON Company12/31/2017
Furniture, Office/Library/School/LaboratorySOK36510KS Correctional Industries12/31/2017
Furniture, Office/Library/School/LaboratorySOK36511Spectrum Industries12/31/2017
Furniture, Office/Library/School/LaboratorySOK38611Interior Lanscapes LLC12/31/2017
Furniture, Student DormCNR01354Southwest Contract2/28/2019
Furniture,Office/Library (National Office)SOK36552Design Central12/31/2017
Gas, BottledSOK37872Matheson Tri-Gas (dba Linweld)3/31/2019
Gas, NaturalSOK40873Constellation Newenergy -Gas Division, LLC9/30/2017
Gas, Nitrogen/Oxygen40419Matheson Tri-Gas1/31/2020
Hard Drive Destruction40388Document Resources (Underground Vaults & Strorage)3/31/2019
Industrial SuppliesCNR01248Grainger1/31/2020
Information Technology SvcsSOK10713Accenture LLPindefinite
Information Technology SvcsSOK10713Gartner Inc.indefinite
Information Technology SvcsSOK10713Lexmark  Enterprise Software LLC (formaly-Perceptive Software)indefinite
Information Technology SvcsSOK10713Maximus Inc.indefinite
Information Technology SvcsSOK10713Rose Internationalindefinite
Information Technology TrainingSOK10122Riggs Enterprises DBA New Horizons of Kansas Cityindefinite
Information Technology TrainingSOK10122Software Engineering Svcs Corp.indefinite
Information Technology TrainingSOK10122TEKsystems Inc.indefinite
Information Technology TrainingSOK10122Ummel Group International Inc.indefinite
Information Technology TrainingSOK10122Verhoef Training Inc.indefinite
Ins, International Travel40371ACE American Ins (FrontierMEDEX)7/31/2018
Internet Svc, KanRENSOK06807KanREN Data Communications Network7/31/2017
IT Hardware284205807CDW-G8/31/2017
IT Security, Products & SvcSOK38294Alexander Open Systems Inc.6/30/2018
IT Security, Products & SvcSOK38295ISG Technology6/30/2017
IT Security, Products & SvcSOK38362Novacoast Inc.6/30/2017
IT Security, Products & SvcSOK38299Optiv Security Inc.6/30/2017
IT, Security, Products & SvcSOK38308CDW LLC6/30/2017
Janitorial Products12-22SupplyWorks (previously AmSan)12/31/2017
Lab Equip & SuppliesCNR01163VWR6/30/2018
Lab Equip Maint40280Getinge Group6/30/2017
Lab Equip Maint40428Service-Rite Medical, Inc.5/31/2020
Lab Equipment & InstrumentsCNR01424LABRepCo1/31/2022
Lab Equipment & InstrumentsCNR01330Beckman Coulter6/30/2018
Lab Equipment & InstrumentsCNR01423NUAIRE2/28/2022
Laboratory & Safety Supplies40423Fisher Scientific6/30/2019
Lamps, Large/Photo/StageSOK12459Stanion Wholesale Electric Co.7/30/2017
Landscaping/Lawn/Ag. EquipmentSOK39900Straub International Inc.12/31/2017
Landscaping/Lawn/Ag. EquipmentSOK39902Moridge Manufacturing12/31/2017
Landscaping/Lawn/Ag. EquipmentSOK39905KanEquip12/31/2017
Landscaping/Lawn/Ag. EquipmentSOK39910John Deere Company12/31/2017
Landscaping/Lawn/Ag. EquipmentSOK39911Hustler Turf Equipment12/31/2017
Landscaping/Lawn/Ag. EquipmentSOK39912Professional Turf Products12/31/2017
Landscaping/Lawn/Ag. EquipmentSOK39904G W Van Keppel Co12/31/2017
Lawn Equipment070313-KBAKubota8/19/2017
Lawn Maintenance40184Rothwell Landscapeindefinite
Mailing, Express & GroundSOK42614FedEx11/27/2021
Mailing, Express & GroundSOK42613UPS11/27/2021
Mailroom Equipment, Svc & SupportSOK37759Pitney Bowes Inc.10/11/2017
Medical Equipment & SuppliesCNR01419Steris2/28/2022
Medical SuppliesSOK37646McKesson Medical-Surgical Minnesota-MMCAP-various7/31/2017
Medical SuppliesCNR01385Medline Industries Inc.6/30/2020
Microscopes & Imaging SystemsSOK42576NCI, Inc. - (formerly North Central Instruments, Inc.)12/31/2021
Microscopes & Imaging SystemsSOK42577Olympus America Inc.12/31/2021
Microscopes & Imaging SystemsSOK42573Nikon Instruments Inc12/31/2021
Microscopes & Imaging SystemsSOK42574Carl Zeiss Microscopy, LLC.12/31/2021
Microscopes & Imaging SystemsSOK42575Sheerin Scientific Co. Inc.12/31/2021
Microscopes & Imaging SystemsSOK42572Show Me Optical LLC12/31/2021
Network Equipment, CISCO Product/SvcSOK10330AT&T DataComm Inc.12/31/2017
Network Equipment, CISCO Product/SvcSOK10330Alexander Open Systems Inc.12/31/2017
Network Equipment, CISCO Product/SvcSOK10330CDW-G12/31/2017
Network Equipment, CISCO Product/SvcSOK10330Sirius Computer Solutions Inc.12/31/2017
Networks, Storage AreaSOK10932Alexander Open Systems Inc.6/30/2017
Networks, Storage AreaSOK10932Open Technologies, Inc.6/30/2017
Networks, Storage AreaSOK10932Eagle Software Inc. (DBA Eagle Technologies)6/30/2018
Networks, Storage AreaSOK10932Sirius Computer Solutions Inc.6/30/2017
Office SuppliesSOK37762Staples Advantage7/31/2020
Paper, Copy/Offset/CarbonlessSOK40635Western States Envelope Co9/30/2017
Paper, Copy/Offset/CarbonlessSOK40636Veritiv Opertating Company (formally Unisource worldwide)9/30/2017
Paper, Facilities SupplySOK40691Veritiv Operating Company (formally Unisource)9/30/2017
Paper, Facilities SupplySOK40688Wallace Packaging LLC9/30/2017
Paper, Facilities SupplySOK40689Massco Inc.9/30/2017
Paper, Facilities SupplySOK40690Southwest Paper Company9/30/2017
Paper, Facilities SupplySOK40698F & A Food Sales Inc.9/30/2017
Photo, Video & Audio ProductsCNR01341B&H Photo Video & Pro Audio7/31/2018
Plumbing, Repair PartsSOK36105Ferguson Enterprises Inc. (contact Facilities)7/30/2017
Plumbing, Repair PartsSOK36105PlumbMaster Inc. (contact Facilities)7/30/2017
Plumbing, Repair PartsSOK36105Reeves Wiedeman Company Inc. (contact Facilities)7/30/2017
Plumbing, Repair PartsSOK36105Salina Supply Co. (contact Facilities)7/30/2017
Plumbing, Repair PartsSOK41637Manhattan Winsupply Co.7/30/2017
Print, Ag Report40534Forum Communications Printing12/31/2017
Printing & Scanning SvcsSOK40099Topeka Blueprint Co. Inc.1/31/2020
Printing Svc, On-Call40333Ag Press4/30/2018
Printing Svc, On-Call40333Color Impressions Inc.4/30/2018
Printing Svc, On-Call40333Consolidated Printing & Stationery Co4/30/2018
Printing Svc, On-Call40333EP Print Source4/30/2018
Printing Svc, On-Call40333Mail Print Inc.4/30/2018
Printing Svc, On-Call40333Mainline Printing Inc.4/30/2018
Printing Svc, On-Call40333Sun Graphics LLC4/30/2018
Promotional Items40326GTM Sportswear10/31/2017
Promotional Items40326Western Associates, Inc. (Sunflower Marketing-recently sold)10/31/2017
Promotional Items40326Vernon Company10/31/2017
Radio Equipment-MotorolaSOK28440Motorola Solutions12/31/2017
Reagent & Consumables, Genome SequencerSOK12203Roche Diagnostics Corporation4/30/2019
Recording Media (Professional grade)40530Empress Media, Inc.12/31/2022
RefrigerantsSOK37853Airgas Refrigerants Inc.3/31/2018
Refuse Control Svc40330Howie's Enterprises (contact Facilities)3/31/2018
Research Assistance (RA) SvcsSOK35945Gartner Inc.7/31/2021
Safety Products (State Use)SOK33944KETCH6/30/2018
Safety Products (State Use)SOK36691Goodwill Industries6/30/2018
Safety Review, Aviation40338DVI5/31/2018
Shuttle Svc40340Flint Hills Area Transportation6/30/2018
Soaps & Sanitizers (State Use)SOK33942Envision6/30/2018
Software, ERSI Master AgreementSOK10110ESRI10/31/2017
Software, Facilities Management40303Trapeze Software Group, Inc. (formally known as Assetworks)12/31/2017
Software, IT Security Products and ServicesSOK38363AT&T6/30/2017
Software, Mentor/Mentee Database Software40516PeopleGrove7/31/2021
Software, Perceptive40336Lexmark (formally Perceptive Software)indefinite
Software, Student Conduct40324Maxient4/14/2018
Software, Value Added ResellerSOK42145SHI International4/7/2018
Steam Traps & Gaskets40293Hughes Machinery (contact Facilities)10/31/2017
Steelcase (Office furniture)CNR01146Color Art Integrated Interiors/ Scott Rice - OfficeSteelcase-Contact Mike Mores2/28/2022
Storage Svcs, Files40388Document Resources (Underground Vaults & Strorage)3/31/2019
Sutures40352Elanco (formally - Novartis Animal Health- US Inc.)8/31/2018
Telecom Equipment and SuppliesSOK35458Anixter Inc.7/31/2017
Telecommunications, Access/InternetSOK04462AT&T Kansas12/31/2017
Telecommunications, Install/Repair SvcSOK40314AT&T DataComm Inc.3/31/2018
Teleconferencing SvcSOK38509West Unified Communications Svcs ( formaly InterCall)8/31/2017
Tires & TubesSOK39163Burnett Automotive Inc5/31/2019
Toner, Printer & Fax (State Use)SOK33943Cartridge King6/30/2018
Towels, Cleaning (State Use)SOK33942Envision6/30/2018
Tractor, Rental40334KanEquip6/30/2018
Tractors & Implements021815-DACJohn Deere3/17/2019
Training, Computer BasedSOK39025Fred Pryor Seminars Careertrack12/31/2017
Vehicle Rental SOK40938Eagle Automotive DBA Hertz and Sales of Topeka10/31/2018
Vehicle Rental, Service BackupSOK40937Enterprise Leasing Company of KS LLC10/31/2018
Vehicles, 1/2 & 3/4 ton PickupsSOK42067Davis-Moore Automotive8/31/2017
Vehicles, 15 Pass. Van; Sport Utility Vehicle; 9 Pass. VanSOK40751Don Hattan Chevrolet Inc.8/31/2017
Vehicles, 7 Pass. Mini-VanSOK42066Landmark Dodge Inc8/31/2017
Vehicles, Compact, Crossover & Midsize Sport Utility SOK39707Ed Bozarth8/31/2017
Vehicles, Compact, Midsize,  Hybrid, & Intermediate SedansSOK43036Shawnee Mission Ford8/31/2017
Vehicles, Mid-Size SedanSOK40925Rusty Eck Ford Inc.8/31/2017
Waste Disposal, Low Level RadioactiveSOK39876Bionomics, Inc.11/30/2019
Writing Utensils (State Use)SOK33942Envision6/30/2018