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Division of Financial Services

General Accounting
Unger Complex
2323 Anderson Avenue
Suite 500
Manhattan, KS 66502

785-532-5577 fax

APV's and Interfunds

Our office processes all Agency Payment Vouchers (APV's) and Interdepartmental and Interagency Interfund Vouchers for the University. Agency Payment Vouchers may be submitted to our office in person or by campus mail.  Interdepartmental and Interagency Vouchers are completed electronically.  Departments are asked to retain the original signed copy for these vouchers on file in their department.  Our staff pre-audits agency payment vouchers and supporting documentation to ensure payments are in compliance with State regulations and support the University's goals and objectives.

Agency Payment Vouchers -Interfund Vouchers

How to Create an Agency Payment Voucher (APV)

How to Create an Interfund Voucher (IFV)

FIS Object Codes

EAPV Test Demo

Policy and Procedures Manual

Chapter 6320 - Document Completion Procedures

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