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Kansas State University Purchasing Office’s mission is to support and facilitate the instructional, research, and public service missions of the University by applying the best methods and best business practices when K-State is acquiring supplies, materials, equipment, goods, property, printing, services, and leases of real property. Within the context of the K-State environment, Purchasing will promote the development and use of purchasing processes that, in turn, promote the pursuit of excellence and the best interests of K-State while maintaining the highest possible integrity, broad based competition, fair and equal treatment of the business community, and increased economies & efficiencies in the purchasing process. K-State Purchasing communicates and collaborates with other state universities and the State of Kansas Procurement and Contracts office to insure that all procurement opportunities where mutual benefit can be obtained are achieved.



What's New

  • If you have a credit card machine in your department, please beware of a new scam going around state agencies.

While it is true that credit card companies are shifting to EMV cards (they contain metallic chips that are supposed to improve payment security making it more difficult to scammers to counterfeit cards) and most major credit card companies have set a goal to convert cards by October 1, not all cards or processing machines will be switched out by then.

If a company calls your department stating they are changing your machine to comply with the October 1 deadline, do not give out any of your information. This company is not related to Kansas State University or our credit card processing company. Usually, if you ask them more detailed questions, like the caller’s name, company name or phone number, they’ll hang up on you, proving they are not legitimate.

If you have questions on how K-State departments should be processing credit cards, please visit PPM chapter 6615, http://www.k-state.edu/policies/ppm/6100/6115.html.

All machines should be acquired through Financial Services (6615.020).

  • There is a new scam effecting universities nationwide.

Criminals posing as university representatives are calling retailers to make an order, giving basic information gained from public websites in an attempt to access information on an already established account with the company and then hang up after obtaining what information they can.

They call again, giving all the information gained from the first phone call, order thousands in dollars in product, bill to the university’s line of credit and ship the items to the university.

The criminal then contacts the university, posing as an employee of the retailer, claiming the items were shipped in error and that the university needs to “ship them back”.

The university, believing they are returning products to the company, actually ships the items to the criminal.

Please be alert when receiving emails from companies you are not familiar with and pass this information on to your colleagues. The criminals can make emails look very legit even from “purchasing”. Some common variations of spoof addresses are: purchasing@ucdavised.us, purchasingdept@unlav-edu.org, purchase@uchicagoed.us

More information on this scheme is available at http://www.ic3.gov/media/2014/140904.aspx

If you are suspicious of any activity on your BPC, please call Accounting immediately. If you receive order confirmations from email addresses you are not familiar with, please call ITAC before opening. If you ever receive a phone call that just doesn’t seem right, please take down as much information as you can and contact us. We will use the information to warn others.

  • Toner Scam

If somebody calls wanting your copier/printer make and model, the person responsible for ordering for your department, or that the information is for a survey, please do not share. The caller may even already know your model number and ask if that is the correct one. Per state contract 12156, copiers through Century United include toner in your rental price. Never order copier toner from anybody else. Per state statute to benefit the disabled and blind, we must buy printer toner from Cartridge King. These two companies would never call to confirm models.

If you agree in any way, the company will send you low quality and extremely overpriced product invoiced to the person spoken to. They are not your supplier or will not provide you “rock bottom” prices. They are hoping that the person answering is new and that your department pays the invoice without questioning it. Usually, if you question them further, like asking their company name or for their contact information, they will simply hang up.

If someone in your office inadvertently agreed to receive the toner, refuse the shipment upon delivery.

Feel free to refer all questionable phone calls to Purchasing.