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Office of the Vice President for Research
102 Anderson Hall
Manhattan KS, 66506



Please note that the transmittal process is handled through eProposals. If you need access to eProposals, call 785-532-6804. 

Copies of forms marked with * are provided for reference.

1Sponsored Projects Transmittal Form*PDFWordInstructions
2Subrecipient Commitment Form – PHS SpecificPDF  
3Subrecipient Commitment Form – Non PHS SpecificPDF  
4Overdraft Request*PDFWord 
5Request for Expanded Authority Authorization*PDFWord 
6Sample BudgetPDFWordInstructions
7Documentation of Proposed Third-Party ContributionsPDFWord 
8Certification for the Transfer of KSU Foundation Funds to a University Sponsored Project AccountPDF  
9Authorized Signature Form (Print on Dept. Letterhead)PDFWord 
10Budget Worksheet & FAQPDFWordExcel
11Sample Budget – Industry  Excel