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Office of the Vice President for Research
120 Fairchild Hall
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Research Administrators Council

All K-State professionals working in research administration at the department, college, or central administration levels in preaward or postaward capacities are invited to join the Research Administrators Council.

  • Goals of the council are to provide better communication among all levels of administrators and to offer training opportunities and exchange ideas about current topics and issues. 
  • Quarterly meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the first month of each quarter from 10:30 a.m. to 12 noon. Locations will vary. Check K-State Today or the Office of the Vice President for Research events calendar for details.  
  • Join our listserv to stay informed! Subscribe by sending an email to listserv@listserv.ksu.edu with this subject line: sub rac-l


A variety of resources for research administrators are available through PreAward Services and Sponsored Programs Accounting. Other resources include the following.

  • Research Awards Dashboards provide a high-level overview of the current fiscal year's activity. Filter the data to find the information you need.
  • Compliance Training Log: Compliance training must be up-to-date before awards can be processed, and this tool makes it easier for research administrators to verify training. For access to the Compliance Training Log spreadsheet, send an email request to comply@ksu.edu with Compliance Training Log in the subject line. 
  • Training: Find links to training presentations from the National Council of University Research Administrators and other sources.
  • The College of Engineering hosts regular Tenure-Track Faculty Network meetings and events.
  • April 2020 quarterly meeting including presentations of OneDrive and Microsoft Teams by K-State personnel Charles Appelseth and Robert Howard.

Organizing members

Please contact one of our organizing members if you would like more information.

Anita Fahrny, PreAward Services; afahrny@ksu.edu
Roger McBride, Sponsored Programs Accounting; roger57@ksu.edu 
Carole Lovin, College of Engineering; clovin@ksu.edu
Stephanie Hober, College of Veterinary Medicine; shober@ksu.edu
Terri Fayle, College of Agriculture; tfayle@ksu.edu
Laura Hohenbary, College of Arts and Sciences; laura8@ksu.edu 
Susan Erichsen, College of Education; sle@ksu.edu